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Revisited -- New York Steelband Organizations Sandbagged!

Panorama Promoters say - No money for you!

In a move that only a Bernard “Bernie” Madoff, Al Capone, or recently convicted felon, former New York police commissioner Bernard “Bernie” Kerik and /or the other Wall Street notorious corporate thugs, would have the audacity to pull-off in broad daylight - New York steelband panorama 2009 participants were told they would not be getting paid some two and a half months after they performed at a jammed-packed event. The event, held by WIADCA (West Indian America Day Carnival Association), had thousands of attendees paying premium dollars. Annually, the NYC panorama is the biggest event draw during the Labor Day Carnival festivities held behind the Brooklyn Museum.

NYC’s steelband music organizations have long held the steadfast belief that WIADCA was robbing them deaf, dumb and blind over the decades; however this latest slap has added a new chapter to strange and economically abusive relations between the NYC steelpan musicians and the event promoters WIADCA. Indeed, WIADCA has been living in a Gangstas’ Paradise according to the NYC’s steelband management personnel who spoke to When Steel Talks (WST). Moreover they found it incredible that WIADCA publicly declared in a meeting with steelband management that it would not be paying bands prize winnings et al. This is despite, band managements say, the clearinghouse of hundreds of thousand of dollars in cash via gate receipts and lucrative beverage and liquor sales from the Bar - on the panorama event night itself; they refuse to believe all that income has simply vanished.

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HI. Vic From vics_pans@yahoo.com I really think we should put on our own
Panorama and boycott WIDACA. I am associated with Despers USA and I am
defineitely interested in putting on our own Panorama.

Keep in touch.

So Gospel pan,

Does this "boycott" start with the steelband, if any, that performed at WIADCA's Award Ceremony this evening?? Would this be the first candidate for your blacklist?
For some unknown reason I am not surprised by this recent turn of events. Inwardly ,I felt this has been brewing for a few years now. However I will be keeping a lookout for the progress of " further developments ". Kindly keep us posted.
Let's just take a moment to pause, now I have to admit I reached late to the meeting but I don't think they said to anyone that money was not going to be payed. They said to Steelband leaders, Mas band leaders along with everyone else that performed for their (WIADCA) shows and expected prize money, that they could not pay at this time. Now don't jump down my throat, I am not saying that I am in aggreement with what took place, but I don't think we can at this stage of our existence in New York, with all we have gone through over the past thirty years and with all the intelligent band leaders like myself who claim to carefully plan for our respective bands, sit and point the finger of blame to WIADCA, NO NO NO my friends, we must blame ourselves, they don't point a gun to our head and say you must appear in our show, our tell us to spend in excess of $15,000.00 to possible recieve $4,000.00 or to teach our children the wrong aspects of our culture, no we do that all ourselves, willingly. So take a deep breath, step back and process everything that has happened.
they don't point a gun to our head and say you must appear in our show

well yes, that's a truthful statement.

but it's not the POINT.

the point is they advertise and promote a thing, and they must follow through on what they promote.

the promoter cannot just welch on the agreement that it makes with the performers. Regardless of 'why' the performers choose to participate, they are there with a certain set of agreements and expectations directly created by the promoter. The producers of the event must therefore come thru with what they offer. they must deal fairly with the participants.
i have to agree with you Catt an agreement is an agreement
but my question is what did they agree on ????
So Mr. Marcelle

Are you and your organization going back to WIADCA's panorama next year?

Is there something in the contract you signed for this 2009 competition that allows WIADCA to pay you late or never?

And is it not reasonable to assume that WIADCA is very clear that if the bands are not payed that there will be no WIADCA panorama ever again?
And therefore it is also safe to assume this was a planned move by WIADCA?

How is it the association didn't see this coming? What is their response?

Will you sue WIADCA for hardships and damaged caused to you organization because of the delayed or lack of payment?

Will all the interest that WIADCA is making in the bank from not paying the steelbands be forwarded to them?

What did you really know and when did you know it?

Based on what you have said, why should we expect an intelligent response from you and the rest of the steelband movement?

Did the other performing acts and workers get payed?

Do you think the World Series winners are still waiting for their money?
What Contract? The point is, we as band leaders must first come together, we have to fix ourselves first before we fix this, listen we could not even put on an event together, we need leadership. We need to trust each other, we must forget the old ideas of steelbands in Trinidad. We live in the United States of American, we are residents of New York, we see all the development of open space in the city and tri-state area, yet we want to always find a pan-yard or have panorama with 100 players or have this event in an open space. We need to look for different ways to existence. Get school programs, have multi-events in one year, shoot for the biggest event to take place in Lincoln Center not the back of the Museum. We need to build a pan factiory so we can provide jobs, become a positive contributor to uplifting the economy in the city. Basically make ourselves a force in New York. Their are bands that live for panorama and nothing else, how many of the bands that participate in the panorama function after that night. That is the fault of their leaders, in others words our fault. When we can do these things then and only then can we aviod or prevent any organization from taking advantage of us. Stop getting angry and pointing the finger at someone else, let's get smarter and develop ourselves, educate our kids to become better than us.
yes again all of that is true but it's not the point of THIS ISSUE

all that other stuff is a separate discussion. it's relevant but it's not the point of THIS specific problem..


speaking out about it is not 'pointing fingers'. It is calling them out on their shit. And it is perfectly reasonable to do so.
WIADCA did not say they are not paying anyone. As I said let's take a deep breath and step back, look at this situation logically.
They (WIADCA) in this day and time cannot afford to not pay anyone, it would be political suicide, understand me, this administration is much wiser than the previous one. They stand to loose a lot if they don't pay off all participants. People may not be aware, it was very important or vital for WIADCA to bring the steelbands back behind the museum. What WIADCA has the "Labor Day Carnival", is closely watch by all polictions. They see that as a way to reach the caribbean community for votes and endorsments. We as bandleaders pan, mas or spectators have no idea how powerful our voices can be.
We can cuss, argue stamp our feet or any of those things it won't make a difference, but if first come together, learn to trust each other and educate ourselves about the inner workings of business and politics, engross ourselves in what and how this city works, it will make a big difference in what we get and where we go. We no longer should be satisfied with jamborees and parties for funding, upgrade our worth to this city and the politicans that work in it. What we need to also do is have meetings not to argue about not getting payed on time but how to make ourselves more important in this city.
Keith I believe Catt is on it. Your points are well taken but they are for another moment. You played on panorama night. Where is your money?

What are you going to tell your pan players? The steelbands are not in partnership with WIADCA are they?

I respectfully disagree, this is the time. Again I'm talking about grabing hold of power in this city, without power you not respected and that's the position we as bandleaders, pannists, masqueraders. Look folks I am talking about enpowering ourselves. I was preverledged to be at a function on Friday night, the 67 Pct. Communitty Council Awards, not no other bandleaders were there, who was, every political representative in the east Flatbush area new and old, incoming and outgoing, police brass, Hatian community, Korean comminuty and yes WIADCA. At these things you rub elbows with these people so you can pave the way for your agenda, let them know you can be a force, then and only then will you be respected. We have no contract with WIADCA and we cannot take them to court, again they never said they won't going to pay. I don't rely on that money to take care of my players, it helps but we cannot put all our eggs in one basket. Now is the time to come together, I beg you all let's come together, remember these words " TOGETHER WE ASPIRE TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE.


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