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In an email, dated December 31, 2015, a request was made of a senior PanTrinbago official to transfer, via Western Union, a £5,000 deposit “as soon as possible in order for us to be able to purchase the rims and tyres in time and to be able to ship the car on January 8, 2016. The remaining balance will be £11,000 GBP.”

Ah thought bugs say dem fellahs eh using email as yet??????


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It has reach to this, after years of complaining and thousands of tax payers dollars.

Allyuh aint see de size ah dah man belly boi?? It bussin while panman cyar get de kakadar.

Bertel, I will like to see the size of his house, they say it was built with pan people money.

Year after year we hear whispers of corruption. When will things really come to a head and be brought into some legal framework?

I tell allyuh so long time don't trust that man, now you know why Desperados win panorama it's all a game.

if that was the case  desperadoes  shouldn't be only 11 wins it should about 15


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