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It is really pathetic that in this day and age, Pan Trinbago has not introduced a form of online stream for the millions of foreigners and Trinidadians away from Trinidad.
Single Pan is no less a Pan and as such should have just as much recognition as the Medium and Large Conventional steel bands.

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Keith Diaz must go.   Keith Diaz must go.    Keith Diaz must go..

Valentine: As they used to say in long time calypso (ah know that you and Cecil doh want no old time calypso, but) -- ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pathetic is one word.  Disappointing is another.  What a missed opportunity to display one of T&T's greatest assets.

Expect the worst from   Pantrinbago  with Mr Diaz as its Leader,,i  do support ,,,,,The New Visionaries coupled with ,,Phan"tums Blueprint of Success For The Steelpan ,,,,,,along  with other positive input from WST members.,,Mr Diaz must Bow Out ,,With Grace .

I suspect that 99% of all Steelband leaders are older than 50 years old (I could be wrong)
So i don't expect them to have the slightest knowledge or

understanding of social media let alone the internet and its power.

This would only change when the old guard is replaced by younger ones.

Let us hope this is sooner rather than later.

I was born in 1949, and only became involved in information technology

because after arriving in England in 1966 I wanted to be a programmer.
Although that did not happen, I nevertheless continued to stay

interested in IT and its developments through the years.

With the exception of a few Trinidadians from that era, I very much

doubt that the majority of those from that period were exposed to the

use of IT as their foreign contemporaries.

So to stream music across the internet would be beyond the

comprehension of most.

However, having being schooled in Trinidad, I'm still surprised by the

reaction of people in England today who are amazed by the simplest things.

Almost as though common sense were a form of witchcraft.


Bands and the media must be more forward thinking in their approach. They must embrace all the technology available today in the furtherance of the art form. Good examples of this is the unexplainable decision taken by WACK to drop Steve Sealy's program for a more insipid North American show and Radio Trinbago's Steelband Times disappearance.

If those in charge were subjected to the barren times of the 60s and 70s like the rest of us living abroad, they would soon understand the importance of the internet. 

The Tourism Boards of Jamaica , Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia would have found a way of getting this art form on the world stage and raise its profile so it became well recognised.

We need to do much more in developing the mind-set of the under 60s in Trinidad and Tobago in the commercial benefits which exist.

It goes far beyond just Pan Trinbago.

We must forget branding,  There should never be a Coca Cola Rio Carnival or Trinidad Carnival but the commercial benefits should be exploited to the fullest for the good of the country's art.


Mr Randy Curvan!! i am  living in Curacao, the Netherlands Antillies   for awhile now and  I knew nothing about the functions,usage  etc of a computer/laptop,,2 years ago I just walked into the Electronics store here in Wilemstad and bought a Pavillion DV 6  Laptop , I did not take a computer course,,,,but here I am making a comment on WST,,, Determination leads to success,,i am approaching 59 years of age soon,,so should it be that lSteelband  Leaders being over 50years of age  and not  having the know how indirectly with regards to the usage of a laptop,,once one can read and write for me ,,it would not be too difficult to get involved in the world of ciber space,i know of a country man  of mines here on the Island that always said he never went to school far,,he is 51 years of age and is on facebook,, DETERMINATION   LEADS TO SUCCESS.,,respect.  

Very true Jerome, but I remember when growing up in T'dad, after Christmas, it was Carnival time and nothing else mattered.

I can detect this mind set still exists and people are consumed by the excitement. Very little thought is given to those who left to live abroad. truth is why should they?

They miss the fact that we probably earn through hard work much more and therefore have the buying power.

But when I hear how little is thought of and done about taking the stuff to the world I think maybe their horizons need to be broadened.

The most remarkable thing the internet has given me is access to recordings made while I've been residing abroad.
I left T'dad with 3 Steelband records. Carnival In Trinidad - 1965 with Desperadoes, Carnival In Trinidad - 1966 with Starlift and Silver Stars and North Stars first Album.

I have been able to buy over the internet a whole host of albums and CDs from 70s 80s 90s and more recent. I probably have more music than that because I frequently recorded live internet radio streams and I have yet to edit those recordings. Currently standing at over 6 terabytes of disk space.

What I'm talking about is not just being able to use computers but more than that. It's about making your products available worldwide. It's about reaching a wider audience, thus becoming more financially independent and being able to fund your own development.

Not everyone can return to T'dad for carnival, it took me 39 years to return. I've been going back ever since. but nevertheless I think of those less fortunate who may not have the funds to travel back but would gladly treat themselves to CDs and DVDs if they were readily available.


Very astute comments, Randi.

i guess sometimes we get caught up in our own little bubbles and don't see the forest for the trees.

I often wonder why bands in the sixties and seventies like Invaders, Harmonites, Despers, Silver Stars, Cavaliers and others  were able to regularly produce quality albums displaying their music and sound, while bands today seem unable to do the same.

You would think that today's technology would have made it so much easier for bands to produce and distribute their music at reasonable cost, if only via the internet.

Today steelband only learn one song.

Glenroy, Cecil,

Bands now are not playing more music (only one panorama tune) simply because most of the music is not worth playing. Today's so called pan songs are not musically sound, their lyrics are childish and definitely not very interesting.

Like I said, after christmas it was down to the panyard (Starlift's) after school until late learning the latest calypsoes. By carnival most bands would have at least 5 or 6 calypsoes,2 poptunes and 2 classics for their bomb tune. Added to which the arrangements tunes are subjected to are so complicated that it would be very difficult to have a repertoire that extensive nowadays.

In 1965 starlift's bag of tunes included Patsy, Bermuda Girl, Hold on to Yuh Man, My Pussin No bachacanal and You Got your Troubles.
Not even the great Phase II can match that these days.


T&T is very Tech savvy.

T&T is tech savvy but they don’t know how to utilize the technology to their advantage, I share the same observations Randi and Glenroy brought up, one dimension that’s missing is most people in T&T from top down don’t see the steel band and calypso art-form as a viable means for real economic investment and development (tourism) for the country, a recent release from the NCC shows after 50 years of Carnivals they are now thinking of creating a method for monitoring the financial benefits in terms of dollar amounts for the carnival events. Sales of cds, dvds and gate receipts will help them manage the Carnival products and its music industry like a business.

The reality on the ground is Trinis are like “is we culture and we expect to enjoy it for free,” who spends most for steelband cds and dvds? Technology is rapidly changing, if you don’t know your worth or value of your content/carnival product, how you are going to negotiate in the global market-pace?

Access is the new buzz word for getting content on the internet, the “speed of access” is now being threatened, recent court ruling have given service providers permission to set rates for delivery of their content. How prepared is Pan Trinbago in dealing with this changing dynamic? Those who were used to free access on the internet may suffer from this change. Some insiders say this would be like using a toll road on the information super highway while others will be left to driving on a dirt road.

Here’s the president take in the issue...http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/31/obama-i-care-deeply-abou_n...


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