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No support for steelpan and the youths in Trinidad and Tobago, Starlift Junior Steel Orch will not be performing in Montreal for the Montreal International Steelpan Festival 2011

Well the more things change, the more things remain the same. People especially politicians just provide lip service to the steelpan and the youths of TnT. Starlift Junior Steel Orch will not be heading to Canada to participate in the Montreal international Steelpan Festival next week. Despite proudly representing TnT at the Festival in 2010, playing to standing ovations and several encores and winning the Junior Panorama competition and placing 2nd in the Adult Panorama and gaining international exposure on the Pan Podium (England), When Steel Talks and Pan on the net, the government of TnT has decided to blank us. The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs which sponsored a concert featuring Nikki Minaj and other artistes has blanked us. The TTENT, Ministry of Tourism and TDC have all BLANKED us and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism continues to give us a run around. Even corporate sponsors have blanked us. So in the home of steelpan, the cycle continues and no one really cares about the steelpan and the youth. Hopefully we will be able to attend the Festival in 2012. Meantime, Starlift Junior Steel Orch continues to perform well and strives to be the number 1 youth band in TnT.

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The sad reality of this situation is that it is too  costly for a steelband to travel, Starlift has raised 40k lets say they need another 40k, if they spend 1 week in Canada they cannot make back that 80k they put out, the name of the game is $$$$$ there must be a return on the $$ you put out.

Its not alway about the money. Money will never replace the culture of a country. Just check out clutures of other older countries.


This is unbeliveble. You must have gotten this wrong. Did they give a reason why???? Is it because the band is not representative of all young pan players of T&T???. A national band ???Let the powers that be continue this nonsense and pretty soon they will have no need to say no. Pan will be represented by all the white players of the world whose country will be only to happy to see that they get to events that will promote "their" culture and their country. Dont' say I did not tell you.  And as to the band why was not fund raising done? Let me guess. Events were not supported.

To all young people, know that if you want a thing bad enough, you will make sacrifices to get it. Just like you make it to buy the things you "need" . Start planning from now to earn your own money to make the trip next year. Practice hard, keep learning your craft and continue to do the best at all times.  Winston Peters should be ashamed.. More showing that he is not 100% behind every aspect of OUR culture..Shame on Him and Shame on the Youths of T&T if they continue to accept this from the people they elected....but that is another story for another time...Blessings


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