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Notables visit Exodus panyard for Panorama 2020 season

President of Exodus Steel Orchestra, Ainsworth Mohammed | Archbishop of Port of Spain,His Grace Jason Gordon | Barbados Prime Minister,The Honourable Mia Mottley at Republic Bank Exodus Panyard

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Allyuh remember when de Catholic Church say pan was "devil music" an diden want it in dey church? It eh so long ago...arks any panman who been playin pan before around


... Den dey join de lime.

Tobago Catholic steelband in national finals

Alpha Pan Pioneers is in the National Panorama finals. Manager Mathias MarFan writes:

Our rendition ‘Prophet of Pan’ may be saying more to us than we know—is this our year? Well prophecy or not, we continue to give God glory through our talents for His gift of music. So, come on out and support the Church’s first and only Catholic steel band to enter Panorama—Alpha Pan Pioneers—as we celebrate another year of ‘Pan sweet Pan’ in Panorama 2018. See you there!


There has always been tension between the church and the bacchanal that is Trinidad carnival, and it came to a head in the nineteen sixties whenThe Reverend Father Clifford Hendey, of the Anglican priest in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago broke ranks with the Church and "played mas".in 1966.

The Mighty Cypher's take on this incident won him the Calypso Crown of 1967.

George, negative reference to "PAN" as the devil's music was a rather perversive attitude generally held by a variety of religious and non religious organizations including but not exclusive to the Catholic church. Reference to the historical record would suggest a similar resistance to the introduction and use of the organ and guitar among the more conservative social and religious elements within and across a number of countries. That is an interesting sociological reality and phenomenon. As human beings we are constantly evolving which is redemptive, a fact that should give us hope. Blessings!

Regular folks, back in the day, had the same viewpoints. Devil music, badjohn music(environment). Not just the Catholic Church.

I love the togetherness 

Times are changing...

Controversy arose over the modeling of skimpy beachwear during a fashion show at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral on Sunday.


Claude - Heather MacIntosh #calypso2020

Lyrics: Llewellyn Mac Intosh (Short Pants)
Arrangement: Pelham Goddard
Mixing: Studio 3 (Mark Wright)
Musicians: Tony Paul and Theron Shaw

rev fr john sewell

 if the priest could play 

 who is we


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