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One of our Comrades Glenroy Joseph is having a serious operation tomorrow, your Thoughts and Prayers are most appreciated,

Glenroy Joseph is having a serious Knee operation  tomorrow , lets hope and prayer his operation is successful, Just trust in the Lord Glenroy my Thoughts are with you.

I hope to hear you fussing with us on this Forum, ASAP, may the good lord Bless you.

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Thanks for the update Bede....great to hear Glenroy is doing fine.


       here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Hope your operation goes well Glenroy and you heal well.


Here's something to keep the SPIRIT lifted as you recoup...

odw, if you put up All Stars playing "Mary had ah little lamb", Glenroy will say "Whose Fleece was white as snow" and he would listen to the whole arrangement, lol  get well my friend,

you are in my prayers stay strong and keep the faith. wishing you a speedy recovery 

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you, Glenroy.

Pray that all goes well.


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