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It hit me, looking at a map of the Savannah, and thinking about what is being done to make Panorama more… dare I say ridiculous!

Delays in setting up for stage for each band is known to be problematic.  Small Bands being treated as an afterthought.  Noise from unrelated activities disrupting the competition.

What if, instead of a splash pool, there was a second (and even a third) stage erected on the Savannah, that would be suited for small and medium bands.  During the Panorama competition, what if Jumbotron video was sent back and forth, allowing a performance on one stage to be going on whilst the band on the other stage was setting up?  One could choose which stage to sit at, but still be able to enjoy all the bands.

Only compromise is that instead of the days being divided between small and medium on day one, large on day two, is that you may be running all three divisions on the same days, rotating through the stages.  But you will engage the audience by eliminating the delays caused with a single stage.

I bring this up as the Pan Splash experiment utilized Jumbotrons.  So why not use Jumbotron to improve how the competition is organized and presented?  

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Patrick, that is the whole beauty of the conveyor belt: Once it breaks, you just have a regular old stage again!

I agree with you on this one Liam.

When a performance is active, you don't want a commotion happening backstage or sidestage.  I agree with Patrick that the bands are efficient at moving their racks on and off the stage, and I agree with Cecil that the stage design is part of the problem... designed for mas, not for pan.


The stage was design for the parade of bands on carnival days. All the problems we find with panorama is what makes it what it is.

Cecil the stage need to be elevated for all to see, Unless the stands are re-designed.

If you are sitting in the grandstand or wandering the concourse while the bands are changing over, what would you prefer?  I would be happy if there were screens showing other competitions going on. 


Heck... we could think bigger than just having multiple stages at the Savannah. For example, they could have small and single pan in Arima, medium in Sando, large in the Savannah... all at the same time, broadcast from all live, and stream it all to all the venues.

Point taken Corey.

I get carried away.  I have a tabanca, waiting for Saturday night, praying for CTV to have a quality live stream!  Can you tell?

Corey, You cant have all those Pan activities taking place in different parts of Trinidad at the same time, some of them will Bust. You got to remember, not all Trini's like Pan.(its ah shame tho')

BEDE, pan need to be on the road again. This hopefully will draw many to embrace the instrument. After panorama, not like long ago, we don't see the full band on the road.

Corey, there is nothing wrong with that, absolutely nothing. Keep on being concerned for this special part of our culture and keep expressing your views, without reservation. Thank you brother.


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