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People I would like to know what you all think about WST? the reason for this question is,  today I saw on fb comments made by people that I find negative, so I would like to get the opinion of others. 

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WST is the best thing to have happened for Pan since the invention of the instrument. I agree with every comment 

posted so far. When Steel Talks & Pan forever. Amen!   Aka: Tahzann, Aka: Curly.

WST has provided both my husband (Victor) and I with everything especially me about Steelbands and Steel pan all year through,not only with Carnival in T&T, but other places around the world, especially me.

Thanks WST for being here.


When Steel Talks, I listen, learn and interact. In the context of Steelpan, I find it necessarily fills a previous void by informing perspective to the ubiquitous issues and concerns surrounding the Steelpan community worldwide. WST matters. My hope is to see the youth become more involved in the discussions and debates.

When Steel Talks is the conduit to everything pan.

Pan Trinbago should build a Website that reflects pan (lol) 

Ian, I am afraid PanTrinbago miss D boat, When Steel Talks Everybody Listens.

The immense work that WST has done for Pan is hard to measure...recordings of artists like Garvin Blake and others, recordings of  Steel Bands (in the yards) at Panorama, recordings in Churches for Church bands, etc. Then there's this site/forum, which allows me to post my compositions (and associated scores) so arrangers in TnT can review them for possible use by their bands...NO other site provides this service, to my knowledge.

I don't know who would complain about WST, but sometimes you don't know what you have until you lose it.

WST is an absolute god-send and they will continue to get my support and prayers.


Wst is the best thing that has happened to the steelband movement. Although its site is not user friendly, it is up to date with Pan information. I just can't read it with all those colors.

"When Steel Talks" is the Global Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Mouth of Pan. This Site is the Heartbeat of Pan EVERYWHERE!!! You are a VERY TRUE reflection of what it means to be "The Global Governing Body for Pan." Your fingers are on the Buttons Everywhere! Information and Education are everything for the growth and development of a people in any endeavour! You have done an exceptionally good job of these to Pan People Worldwide. Any other are a waste of time and would go nowhere.

This global Pan Site is a result of a management, who are serious People of Pan, really focusing on "DOING SOMETHING FOR PAN." Pan would be nowhere without the sterling contribution of "When Steel Talks". Thank you.

WST just keeps on doing its thing and ask nothing from us. There will always be negative people because that is who they are. Beware of people who can only build themselves up by being negative about others. It is only special people who can see the positive in others and build on it. Mr. Cecil, I think WST's work speaks for itself. 

I hear yuh Pan Woman.

The problem seems to be the fact that WST provides, among other things, an open forum for discussion on matters pertaining to pan. as a result, at times, much time and space is taken up by persons pushing one agenda or another. Attacks are made on people, sometimes even unfair attacks. But there is nothing one can do about this

However, gladly, one can skip over the comments of any individual one thinks is being unfair, dishonest or distasteful. So for someone to criticize WST for allowing these persons to air their views is asking for censorship. Which would be tragic. One of the best things about the fora is the fact that an 'outsider' to any issue can listen to contending views on it -- and draw his/her own conclusions. This is how we learn!,

Then again, the critics of WST clearly are not thinking about the other magnificent work it does, the joy it brings to so many by providing the opportunity to hear classic' pan! (and calypso). The information we receive about the history and development of the instrument. WST is like a small 'university of pan' to some of us!

And all great institutions have their detractors and critics. Welcome to that esteemed club!

Noel, persons pushing an agenda is one thing but when the try to get WST to push their agenda they run in to trouble, these are the ones that speak negatively. WST position of neutrality is best for all.


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