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Or as BLACK STALIN SAY, we might wake up ONE DAY and hear that Steelband come from the UNITED STATES KINGDOM ... Brooklyn done start already producing PAN PRODIGY -- to MANUFACTURE we OWN CULTURE ...

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Well, it is not really a BLACK STALIN SONG (MERCHANT SONG) ... but close enough!!!

I stole this poster from THE TRIVIAL SITE!!!

This should come as no surprise. WST has been telling us about Khuent, Kareem, Andre, Khan and many others since they were very young boys.  There are a lot more coming behind them.


What we have to understand is that this version of the Ramajay fell squarely in line with American culture. By that I mean not just Jazz music as an American cultural expression but the death of Steelbands too, which ultimately had an effect on serious representation locally. Of course there were 47 entrants in the Solo category with the majority from T&T, but the standard of improv displayed by the "foreigners", tells me that had local players been in the comfort zone of being among their peers in their respective bands, things may have been different. The hustle mentality caused by Panorama simply prepares local panists for dependence and nothing more. Excellence at improv is very much a personal decision too, no different to the choice to study music. The sad thing is that even if more local panists had a real desire to enter the competition, they knew from the start that they don't have the necessary tools so to do. Maybe going forward the few existing bands with stage sides may decide to inveigle players to try a thing at the next Ramajay.

excellent point Mr. Merrytones. congrats to the winners. 

It is not about Panorama, but how the time between Panoramas is utilized.


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