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Our constitution, our rights - The Chopping Block with Bryon Serrette

Aquil Arrindell interviews former vice president of Pan Trinbago Keit Bryon Serrette on the Chopping Block.h Diaz.

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Wow wow ...what ah interview 

Pan Woman, I knew most of the things he said before he said it, and was still blown away by the interview. 


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It will help the show stay alive.

This thing is bigger i thought...apparently we worse off that before 

As I said when I suggested to the steelband fraternity that Aquil Arrindell be considered as the next president of pantrinbago, I would not hesitate to suggest too, that Bryon Serrette's contribution relative to his expertise, experience, knowledge and training be considered valuable going forward. Constitution reform is always sensitive. However, constitution reform in the absence of necessary amendments to the act of parliament which governs the existence of the organization, may not be as useful as intended. 

An interesting conversation.

I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Serrette.

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#AStormIsComing #braceAllyuhself. Executive members on blood pressure medication....dose up....and get ah chair and standby....the hammer will fall hard in most sober way very very soon

The reference point will come from here https://www.facebook.com/aquilite/videos/4324135287603453

Okay, MR. GREGORY!!! Ah getting meh chair and ah STANDING BY!!! EASTER SURPRISE?


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