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Pan needs sponsorship for survival: Southern Marines bandleader insists!!!

Newsday January 25, 2019

He said players were not a separate and independent entity and were NOT the most important part of the steelband but there were justifiable reasons the players must be incentivised through the steelbands.

“Once the players see themselves as prima donnas, this will create a whole paradigm shift that will see the death of the involvement in Panorama and Carnival for community steel bands.”

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Scobie has surprised me once again. He should be the last person to say "pan needs sponsorship for survival."

He was the mouthpiece for the most ruthless administration of the "World's governing body for the steelpan" while they raped the coffers meant for pan, mismanaged millions of dollars leaving the massive debt.

But more importantly, he has been around long enough and is aware of the reasons leading to the genesis of sponsorship.

Can all these steel-bands, who are strapped for cash, first try to have their steel-bands road worthy, that is have their band literally on the road for carnival days. Once successful,  move on to the panorama competition the following year. A way to teach the management of the band and players some discipline. So when money comes their way, there will be less mismanagement of monies, and members/players will be more loyal to their band, championing future growth.


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