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Listen to Pan on the Road -- 2018 Republic Day J'ouvert in Woodbrook Trinidad

Pan on the Road -- Republic Day J'ouvert in Woodbrook Trinidad

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Trini people love pan. Its in our DNA. Pan people still haven;t figured out how best to profit from it , is all.

And BTW , the traditional way of "pan on the road" still remains the best way to display the sweetness , beauty and power of the steel-band.

Pan and People. A perfect match. On de ground. Thanks Invaders, dais the way it supposed to be.

I agree Glenroy.
If they tell me I have to come back as any one other than a Trini, ah not coming back. Plain and simple. We understand the true meaning of happiness, fete tonight, fete tomorrow night and enjoy the little time we have here. I love my country.
Thank you WST and all the Pan people for keeping the culture alive.


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