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And why not?


Machel Montano

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Well, you don't invite a BRUNETTE to CRUISE a FOR BLONDE SUPER ARTISTES!!!

So who invited John Legend or Neo or Voice for that matter to sing on center stage for the Tobago JAZZ Festival?

Please post a copy of their Jazz performances....

You MADD... Sparrow should bum-rush.the stage with ah pan just for so...


This is no surprise. This has been in existence since DR Eric Williams lead the PNM government. 1956 to be exact. That's a long time ago. The truth is Dr. Williams never really appreciated the steelpan movement and instrument. He dealt with it out of political will only.  Beryl McBernie had to beg and plead with him to assist the movement. He eventually had to do it but by political expediency and not by love.  Two of pans greatest inventors Rudolf Charles and Bertie Marshall had personally discovered Dr Williams insincerity towards them and the steel band movement. It's there in the history books and various pages on the web. Do the searches and you would see these. It also accounts for why the great Ellie Mannette  stayed away from Trinidad. He did the greatest thing for steel band by living away from here. I have always said for years on this forum that Trinidad remains the worst place for pan. It does nothing for pan really. This curse of pan and insincerity still remains within the PNM party. They have no alternative to vomit this dislike at various times. Whenever they are in power pan receives the worst treatment. Look it up again. It's there in the history. Pprospered during the NAR and UNC reigns whatever little prosperityit received. It was never addressed within the PNM party that there beloved leader disliked pan and pan people. Therefore until this is addressed by the PNM, it will go on for hundreds of years actually. The PNM lays down and continue the curse of pan in Trinidad and Tobago. This is why I have always maintained that the pan movement should stop voting the PNM in. Those hundreds of thousands of votes should go to political parties other than the PNM. (see the state of Laventile) and other  strong PNM areas. I don't wish to get gross so I am being kind with words. But that voting and God's face will never be realized. And thus continues the trend of Trinidad being the worst nightmare for pan. Any doubters to this statement by the SIDD.

Didn't the PNM give them a piece ah land on the hwy? Nah, I think that was Panday, correct me if I'm wrong. Something to do with his name starting with "PAN". I'm kinda new at this so doh beat up .


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