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Pan Players Dissed by “Excellence in Steel” Committee Chair in Panorama Program Booklet?

Below is a direct quote from page 2 of the program booklet:



Failure is lack of success of the pannist in a pan competition, ie, they fail to examine the nature of their problems. In an act of competing rivalry may be very tough and the coveted prize always goes to the best playing band. They are judged by what they do and not by what they believe – there are very small credit for the pannist vision.

Failure is the belief that the pannist has to find out why they have failed. The unfortunate aspect of the pannist is good habits are more easier to give up that the bad ones.



The pannist always believe when he/she enters a pan competition the tune they have selected cannot loose. However, in many cases that may not be the case because in a steelband competition the quality of Pan music may be very high an vying for honors among the other bands is a win or lose situation, especially when the battle for the supersonic sound of music is entailed by avengers.



The marvelous richness of the pannist experience is to lose something of a rewarding joy, if there were no limitations to overcome.



Time is a merciless thing, therefore life is a process of burning oneself out the spirit of man is good in many cases: he display the act of God, kindness and not to harm others,



It is an unsound argument false ideas and beliefs. In order to overcome such situations, the following should be implemented: respect your efforts, respect yourself because respect leads to discipline. When these areas are under control that will be a sign of togetherness between pannist and leaders.



The fallacy of the pannist is and unsound argument, false beliefs and ideas. In an attempt to remove such mitigating circumstances the pannist and the band leaders got to respect one’s efforts and themselves, which will lead to discipline among the parties.

Such procedure if adopted could keep the steelband fraternity together.



Oh, what astonishing power a large body of men/women (pannist) can put forth when they work at the same task and are greatly interested in it, they begin the same process but such process differentiates and improves by their hands, when playing the pan instruments; each gain skill and they learn for each other.


       Randolph Babb

       Chair E.I.S. 2016

SOURCE: West Indian American Day Carnival Association, Inc., “Excellence in Steel 2016,”

Labor Day Panorama program booklet, p. 2.


I could be seriously incorrect, so I am withhold my comments until I get some feedback from the WST community.

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Jambro, the judging criteria (page 5 of the program) is attached



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