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PAN SHAME - Disrespect for the national instrument

Trinidad Express Newspapers

Steelband arrangers blast Panorama pool party: Disrespect for the national instrument

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Splash, a new feature added to The Greens by Pan Trinbago for Sunday’s Panorama semi-finals, has been criticised by members of the pan fraternity as a blow and a blatant disrespect to the national instrument and the Panorama competition.
Steelband arrangers yesterday spoke out against the introduction of the pool party at the pan semis to be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, this weekend.

Arranger for defending Panorama champions Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, said Pan Trinbago should be ashamed. “This is our national instrument and a national competition and you want to keep a pool party? This has nothing to do with the steelpan. Panorama is our biggest time of the year. This pool party will take people away from the Panorama. It should be kept on a separate day and kept away from Panorama. A pan man who really loves pan and really respects you wouldn’t stand for that. All pan men should not stand for this. This is disrespect to all of us,” Boogsie said.

....Arranger Pelham Goddard also spoke against the pool party. “That is a big distraction from the main event. This is Panorama and it should have Panorama alone. They should be thinking to promote Panorama and if they have to depend on another event to prosper or to boost Panorama that is bad, that is very bad. Every year they are coming with something ridiculous. That event would not attract anyone interested in Panorama,” Goddard said.
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But Bede, doesn't Pan Tinbago represent the bands? How can they strike against themselves?


Bugs, What I meant to say was, Boycott the Panorama, Do something to show that you are against this mess.

Bugs, I was thinking the same thing....

Yup, all the bigs are talking, but could they put some action behind the talk. Are panmen willing to boycott carnival for one year to make a point? Keith D. is about money, okay, fine.........then.......what are the other leaders about? Music? Pan? Pan players?

Pan people still play for a box of beers and a pot of pelau. Whey we goin'? Where are we going?

It is pure capitalism and exploitation. Pantrinbago is using the semi-finals to make money from those people who simply want to party,  if you look at the  finals, this same group of people don't attend because they are attending all the  big fetes in Trinidad. Then the next thing you here, is they can't pay the bands.

So what's the big deal? The attached insult to our national instrument has been in place for decades and with the exception of the writer not a single person nor institution has objected to its presence.....not a pannist, a calypsonian,Pan Trinbago, a Minister of Tourism or Multiculturalism, not an artist nor cultural activist, NOBODY!

OPEN INVITATION TO LEN "BOOGSIE" SHARPE, PELHAM GODDARD, AND ALL STEELBAND LEADERS TO ATTEND THE TOWN HALL MEETING: Well, it is a pleasant surprise to see these "leaders" speaking up. What took them so long? Delayed response mechanisms? For over two years, I have taken heat for standing up against Pan Trinbago:








While Boogsie was posing with Diaz, Lambert, and Bowei at the ATTSDC launching, I stood alone in opposition. I did extensive research and shared it with this WST forum. I called for ACTION; for boycott. I called for the turning over of the Greens to the steelbands. I called a town hall meeting. I have remained on the side of justice, and you ALL know that. So, please spare me the "no one" talk; this GHOST has been in the trenches FROM DAY ONE! I did not wait for the wavering crowd; I took a stance! I displayed courage, and became Pan Trinbago's most-hated person.

So, again, while these "leaders" talking, I am calling them out to WALK THE WALK! (LET YOUR ACTIONS SHOW WHERE YOU STAND!) No one is forcing you to take your members to the Panorama slave auction block. STOP being the overseers for the steelband slave owners and masters! Stop straddling fences, and develop some principle! RAISE YOUR INTELLECT! SEE BEYOND THE TIP OF YOUR NOSE! ATTEND THE TOWN HALL MEETING, AND BE COUNTED! (Or, perform in Panorama, like the helpless subjects of Pan Trinbago, that you have proven to be.)

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.

This Town Hall meeting is a litmus test to see if panman/woman is only about SHOO SHOOING...

Now is a good time for Panmen to take a Stand against Keith Diaz and Panrinbago. They have shown Panmen that they dont have their interest at heart. Total disregard for the culture selling out to the big businesses and Making a Mockery off our Cherished Panorama. I hope all the Big Bands would come together and let them know No Panorama if there is a Pool Party. Disrespectful and Outrageous.

Valentine you need to state what stand Panmen need to take, or else everybody would be saying the same thing like you and nothing will be done. I agree with you 100% though.

Unless someone could donate $1mil.for each of the big bands there will be no boycott.

This is when Pan Men and Women should boycott Pan Trinbago all together and have their own Panorama for the people. I am willing to pay for such an event and I am sure may would follow me. I have been saying it for years. The entire Pan Trinbago should resign and be replaced by supporting members of the pan fraternity. Nowhere in the world would you see money grabbing self-serving committee existing as long as this travesty has. Panorama is about paying respect to the pan men and women of our nation. It is our awards show. What should be done with the 6 million spent on the greens is payment to the bands and all appearing bands should vote one member of each instrument for a accolade of best on instrument for the year. They could be awarded that money in a division per instrument. (Best Tenor; best Bass; best Chellos, etc.) The money should stay with the pan men and not spent on people who do not give a s*** about pan.


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