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Pan Splash brings ‘Boogsie’ to tears: ‘Nobody cares about steelpan’

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Leading the charge was arranger of defending conventional large band champions Phase II Pan Groove Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, who admitted he was brought to tears when he learned of the initiative which would see a pool being added to the attractions at The Greens. Giving the idea a thumbs down, Sharpe said: “What is Pan Trinbago doing to the national instrument of T&T? “They can’t be pan people? Can you imagine this? A national competition is going on and you want to have a pool party at the same time? Nobody cares about the national instrument. This pool idea is total disrespect. There is no where in the world, in any competition, that will go on.”

....Pan Splash is owned by Aqua Fun Park and is sponsored by the Blue Waters group of companies and Jus Juice.
Veteran musician/pan arranger Ray Holman also expressed his disgust at the move. He said: “I love water, but ... On one hand, there is an element of disrespect as far as the national instrument is concerned to have these kind of attractions at the same time as Panorama is in progress.
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Len "Boogsie" Sharpe CONTINUES to show that he is a DEFENDER of our NATIONAL INSTRUMENT and STEELBAND CULTURE! (Ah tryin' not tuh geh piss off...Now dey gone an mess wit we "big brother".) I keep telling you all, that these people are insanely addicted to money and power. Boogsie, WE, THE PAN PEOPLE, have your back! This is why I called the town hall meeting; I saw this coming over two years ago. (Actually, my dad saw it coming since Pan Trinbago was formed.)

BOYCOTT!!! BOYCOTT!!! BOYCOTT!!! END OF STORY! END OF PAN TRINBAGO!!! If Boogsie get Phase II to boycott, and other "leaders" do what they should be doing (LEAD!), they will have their pool party, without having the steelbands humiliate themselves. Anyway, we have a few surprises to "buss" at the town hall meeting. This may be the steelbands' (of Trinidad and Tobago) LAST CHANCE to unite, and control their own destiny. So, Boogsie, your tears are not in vain, for the Ghost and the Goddard legacy, will stand on the side of the masses of steelband men and women, and not on the side of the elitists who now control (or are being controlled) the local steelband industry. And, we need to get over the "is culture, so it can't be an industry" thinking. Basketball is a sport, and Labron James is a multi-millionaire from playing the sport of basketball. So, again, BOYCOTT!!! BOYCOTT!!! BOYCOTT!!!

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude. 

This is a crazy idea...to have a pool party while MANY THOUSANDS are trying to LISTEN to the Steel Pan panorama !

REVOLTING..paddy corea

Pan Splash brings ‘Boogsie’ to tears: ‘Nobody cares about steelpan’

Another veteran musician Pelham Goddard, arranger of former national champion Republic Bank Exodus, said: “Pan is Carnival. We need pan back in the thing. “Pan Trinbago trying all kind of things to get money but they are not marketing the event properly. They should look at how Soca Monarch is promoted and marketed. “So far I have seen nothing promoted or marketed by them for Panorama. If you want to know anything about Panorama you have no option but to go to the When Steel Talks Web site.” 

Manager of 2013 National Panorama first-runner-up Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars, Beresford “Berry” Hunte, did not seem to have a problem with the decision but said the money gained from the event needed to go back to the steelbands. He added: “If that is one of the ways of getting income and making a profit by Pan Trinbago, so be it. “But the money is not filtering back to the bands.

Management committee member of bpTT Renegades, Peter Lochin, added: “We have been assured that activity on The Greens will not affect the steelbands while playing on stage. We (Renegades) had a problem with noise from The Greens three years ago but then it was just next to the North Stand. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Big Up to the WST community for doing its part to keep pan alive!!!  The Pool Splashers better doh disrespect the steelbands when they cut the DJ "noise" and start booing when steelbands appear on the large screens.  They may be in for the time of their lives when ...... launch and rain down on dem...

'Nuff Respect!!!

My fellow citizens and culture lovers, understand what the pan fraternity has created is a product.

If the product has created opportunities to monetise the Panorama  Festival by attracting a segment of  the festival, who can  listen, party and add an incremental revenue stream, it begins to move the business product of steelband music, and it opens up an opportunity for Steelbands to package and sell different types of apparel, (Caps, Shirts, Flags  and a number of items).


The Pan fraternity can sell tuned pans, it is an opportunity to meet and build business contacts for exchange travel programs .The Andy Narell school of business is not the only viable template.

Musicl lovers are not distracted from the maincourse of the Panorama menu, there are different market segments within the Panorama Markets, be creative with your product and also generate value.




One wise voice!!!

These things would all happen after the revolt for sure!

I support the boycott.

Is that the children's pool?  If the situation was not drastic, it would be good for a few laughs.  Follow the money.  Whoever gave the company permission to add the distraction from Panorama, is in receipt of something.  Anyone who understands what Panorama is all about, its benefit to the pan lovers and especially the players, would never do something so inane unless they were handsomely rewarded.  The people at the pool side are going to disrupt the programme.  Take a pin and put a few holes in the plastic pool...oops.   

 Trinidadians have to learn to respect the national instrument!

I am boycotting Panorama tomorrow even though I love it dearly. I will be no where near QPS.   NO TO THE GREENS!

Good for you Ayesha, all pan people in the Mecca have to take a stand like you. I hope you attend the Town Hall meeting in StarLift panyard on the 7th.


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