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PAN TRINBAGO: "A whole year of smiles and nice pictures leading to implosion!!!"

Gregory Lindsay Steups tired of dis stupid talk oui....executive bad talking the Minister and Ministry that the movement depending on funds to start the SinglePan 2020 Panorama competition on 01 November 2019....ah whole year of smiles and nice pictures leading to implosion, and yet still bands waiting like sheep to be slaughtered, without even paying years of appearance fees for playing at the same competition....RockSoWidDat
Yes GREGORY LINDSAY: Yuh lick them up with this POSTING!!!
Like all the PAN TRINBAGO MONEY going in NEW CLOTHES for nice pictures for BEVERLEY!!!

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I've said this before - Beverley is not interested in what WST members have to say which is a shame.  However, pan people will continue to be lead around like sheep.  Watch how pan people will start complaining on WST once the "Panorama" season kicks in ...


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