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Pan Trinbago Clears The air on 2017 Pannists’ Remittance

michael josephFrom: Michael L Joseph, Public Relations Officer

The Editor,

Please allow me space to clear the air on some misinformation being put out to create confusion. Now that the Carnival 2017 celebrations are behind us, some mischievous and dishonest people at the National Carnival Commission (NCC) are trying to engage executive Officers of Pan Trinbago in a new set of bacchanal and confusion, when it comes to the payment of the One Thousand dollars ($ 1000, 00) pannist remittance for Panorama 2017.

The NCC is saying to Pan Trinbago Inc T.C. that two of it’s executive Officers met with them on or between the 27th and the 30th of January 2017, and agreed to a cut of the pannist remittance by 50%. This is as blatant a lie as ever. But, given our experiences with them over the past five to six months, nothing is surprising coming of that camp.
However, Pan Trinbago would like to make it pellucidly clear, that no Officer was ever given such a mandate, and would not have exercise such power. The last discussion the parties had on that issue, the NCC was informed by the Acting President of Pan Trinbago Inc T.C., that coming out of a general membership meeting at City Hall Port of Spain, some days prior, the pannist remittance remains the same. The NCC chairman’s reply was, that he would go to the Prime minister for another ten million dollars investment into the Carnival that should take care of the short fall. When next the 50% cut was mentioned by the NCC, they were reminded of our proposal.
Pan Trinbago Inc T.C., is anxiously awaiting the receipt of the agreed management fees for the Panorama events to which they were charged, and successfully produced, and the constitutionally due 10% from each participating Steel band, as agreed to be deduct and deliver to us, by the NCC. 
May we continue to propel and control the commanding heights of our indigenous art form, in the midst of that rarer atmosphere where our opinions do not collide.  As Cowards Flinch and Traitors sneer, Pan Trinbago‘s flag will keep flying high.

Michael L Joseph, Public Relations Officer, Pan Trinbago Inc T.C.

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 more steups

He is the dishonest person tell us where the two cars are
It is extremely rare that .I would comment on any public medium but feel compelled to so do as I am first an Steelband Leader & Manager but I also wear the hat of Deputy .Chairman of the NCC:

Mr.Joseph,Public Relations Officer,does not have the facts: he was not present at the meeting on 27th January which was attended/ represented by Mr.Richard Forteau,the then Acting President of Pan Trinbago and Messrs Andrew Salvador and Darren .Sheppard.I am aware that in correspondence reference was made to just Messrs Salvador and .Sheppard but that was an oversight on NCC's part.

I do not know what these gentlemen and friends of mine told their Executive.What I do KNOW is that the three gentlemen agreed that,in view of the strained financial resources of the economy which the country is now experiencing,they agreed that the players' Stipends would remain at $500.00 as they had initially budgeted in their "Panorama 2017 Expenses" Document to the NCC AND as they,Pan Trinbago,had proposed on the Rules/ Regulations for Panorama 2017.

It is not my custom to comment on such matters in a public forum: that is not my style!However when ANYONE publicly makes derogatory and misinformed statements about ANY Organisation to which I am affiliated,It is my duty to defend that Organisation.

Much more details can be stated here but I trust that aforementioned would suffice.

I am pained to have To so do!

Mr. Mohammed: This is the INFORMATION AGE. Everybody telling everybody about everything in REAL TIME. So please get MOD and shake off the OLD GHOSTS and tell us about the "much more details that can be stated here" -- Please Mr. Mohammed!!!

Mr. Mohammed

I am in complete agreement with Claude. Pan Trinbago clearly has an aversion to telling the truth. It is time for you and others to stop only reacting to Pan Trinbago. You have to become proactive. These guys have nothing to lose. They are quite willing to ruin your reputation. 


Pan People have to take a 50% cut, plus Pan Trinbago 10% who else have to take a 50 % cut because of the economic situation? Pan People are easy targets in the Mecca for ah kick in the ass..

Cecil: Allyuh miss the best part on this forum which I alluded to earlier (when the bacchanal was ripe). The PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVES get paid a salary and stipends and allowances and honorariums and this and that and the other. But when PANORAMA comes, they have to get paid as CONSULTANTS to produce the PANORAMA. And then they turn around and take 10% of the winning purses.

And don't talk about the 31 MILLION STOLEN DOLLARS.

Yuh ever see GREED so?

Anyhow, for the first time since I have been on this forum, I am beginning to see psychological weakness on the part of the KEITH DIAZ administration. So maybe Gregory and Dane should really turn up the heat in the kitchen.

Rowley and imbert and dem taking a 50% cut too. Yuh tink it easy. Dais why i say apart from four months of the year, "PAN" is nutten in the Mecca. Pan People must take the blame.

patrick ramdoo, pan people getting one cheque and they kill them with that 50%. Rowley and them getting twelve.

When steelbands came on the road they were occupied year round with planning then manufacturing.

Why is it that the very people ,who stand up in a panyard for two months,have to be the ones to have their money cut in half,,,,half,,,,half,,,,, they got to be kidding. That $1000 can't compensate for what they put out ,,,,now HALF,,,,HALF. THIS WHOLE THING IS BORDERING ON INSANITY. WHY DO PANIST HAVE TO BE THE ONES TO SACRIFICE,,,, HALF,,,,HALF. GOOD NIGHT.

Morning Glory: The answer is that they LOVE CARNIVAL and PANORAMA so much that they are willing to take any amount of ABUSE and EXPLOITATION just to be on a PANORAMA STAGE. I advocated for THE STRIKE doggedly. But when PANORAMA comes along everybody gone GAGA and reason leaves their minds until CARNAVAL DONE then they come back to their senses.

Some people call that HYPOCRISY!!! And it is!!! Something about eating your cake and having it!!!

This fool really thinks that pan people are obtuse these bums have too much free time on their hands they should be in jail waking up to some warm koko tee


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