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Seventy three (73) persons have offered themselves to fill the ten (10) positions in Pan Trinbago’s Election of Officers on Sunday 28 October, 2018 at the East Mucurapo Secondary School, Mucurapo Road, St. James, from 12:30 pm.

Registration of delegates commences two hours earlier between the hours of 10:00 am and 12 noon.

All of the positions are up for grabs. The present incumbent President, Keith Diaz, is not seeking re-election.

In the line –up for the election of officers to the Central Executive are:-

President – Beverly Ramsey-Moore, Keron Valentine, Lawford Dupres, Robert Amar, Darren Sheppard, Keith Byer, Vernon P. Morancie and Thecla Forde- Rodriquez.

Vice President – Aquil Arrindell, Carlan Harewood, Kion Robinson and Peter Kanhai

Secretary – Denise Lucy Jeanne Hernandez, Cyllan Franklin, Robert Hernandez and Richard Forteau.

Asst. Secretary – Lauren Pierre, Marvin Edward and Travis Mulraine

Education Officer- Michael Dinchong, Khion De Las, Marcus Ash, and Maureen Clement

Public Relations Officer -  Sandra Awai, Fuad Abu Bakr, Salisha James and Michael Joseph

External Relations Officer –  Barry Mannette, Dane Gulston, Avis Bruce-Brown and Ian J. Clarke

Treasurer - Finbar Fletcher, Gerard Mendez, Kerriann Gormandy –Walters and Malcolm Gordon.

Trustees (2) - Keith Simpson, Andy Husband, Darwen Greenidge, Keith Paul, Oswald Alexander, Phillip Barker, Richard Gordon, Richard Smith, Roger Thomas, Ross Thomas and Trevor Reid.

“Only such members of the General Body that are in good financial standing may be eligible to any office of the Association” and “Any delegated member of a financial steelband or any outgoing Central Executive Committee member shall be eligible for election to any office of the Association.”

Members of the Central Executive shall hold office for a term of three (3) years.  Two (2) official delegates (financial) are eligible to participate in the proceedings and to exercise their voting powers.

The last election of Officers was held in October 2015.

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Let's look at this election as a opportunity to FIX what's wrong and move forward. what's done is done, time to move on.


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