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Pan Trinbago, NCC disagree on Savannah plan -- Pan City vs North Park

Newsday January 8, 2020Beverly Ramsey-Moore, president of Pan Trinbago, said on Tuesday that everything is in place for all Pan Trinbago events this Carnival.

But the pan body and the National Carnival Commission (NCC) appear to be at odds over Pan Trinbago's plan for "Pan City."

Pan Trinbago wants Pan City put up in the Savannah, but the NCC chairman is set on re-creating the North Park from last year.

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NCC chairman Winston “Gypsy” Peters, however, said: “Pan Trinbago could want whatever them feel that they want, but at the end of the day, it is the NCC that has to provide it, and we have to do what we think is best.”

Beverley just come from TOBAGO and feel that she could control EVERYTHING in TONG!!!

Because ROWLEY and THE THA give she SIX MILLION to run the MEDIUM BAND PANORAMA in TOBAGO -- now she want to call more SHOTS in TRINIDAD.


“We embrace the North Park!” Pan Trinbago president Beverly Ramsey-Moore declared yesterday as she addressed the launch of Panorama 2019 at BP Renegades Pan Theatre, Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

Gypsy has turned out to be an ass without a leader grazing on grass in the savannah. He has no clue what Pan People want, the fact that I knew him well and even spent time at his house in Chaguanas, makes me so disappointed with his actions and stubbornness. This is the equivalent of giving a vagrant the keys to a store and telling him to manage it. I am so pissed off right now and it will be worse when I get to Trinidad and see a North Park instead of a North Stand for Savannah Party.

Asked if Peters had given an undertaking that Pan City would be erected, Ramsey-Moore said: “Pan Trinbago is insisting that we have it.”

Madam President and co. make a rule that panists will only be allowed to play with one band in each category for this year's competition. So far they can't INSIST that that happens, with one man playing for eight bands so far between the Single Pan Finals and the Small Band Prelims, but she is INSISTING that the NCC erect a Pan City. Clearly we know where her priorities lie...

Beverley needs to realise that she is not going to get her way by "throwing her toys out of the pram".  She needs to sit down and have a meaningful conversation to reach a compromise.

I hope she doesn't go down the same road as she did with Pan at Carifesta!!!

What is the difference between Pan City and North Park? Probably I missed it, sorry.



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