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Summit of cultural mimicry and disgrace

Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold said, “It was quite disappointing that persons were placed there (Friday’s opening ceremony) to mimic steelband. “Can you imagine in the land where steelband was invented a live steelband could not be seen or heard? “This cultural ceremony was meant to expose T&T to the world at the opening of the Fifth Summit of the Americas. “Steelband pioneers like Victor “Toty” Wilson, Winston “Spree” Simon and Oscar “Bogart” Pile must be somersaulting in their graves.

“It is important too, that respected and responsible steelbandsmen who participated in this act must be careful with the false values their services are hired for. “T&T,” Arnold said, “cannot be compared with Brazil and several other carnival nations where costuming is concerned, yet we make a cultural presentation to the world with 90 per cent Carnival costumes… and not a live steelband. “Whoever is responsible for this mimicry of steelband must give Pan Trinbago an explanation for this insult,” the pan boss said.

full story in Trinidad Guardian http://guardian.co.tt/features/life/2009/04/26/summit-cultural-mimi...

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Reactive instead of proactive again! If I were Mr Patrick Arnold and was not contacted by "the powers that be", I would have contacted "them". As a leader of a cultural entity, you sometimes have to swallow your pride and ask questions before rather than after. At this moment, the Pan is still not a priority as far as culture is concerned; so we still have to go to Moses, and not expect Moses to come to us. Yes, I agree that the cultual planners should have dialogued with Pantribago. However, we have to be proactive and not be reactive. Lets learn a lesson and prepare for the next time.
on the face of the complaint it seem to have merit, but mr arnold is asking for an explaination, and i would like to hear it before i comment
on the face of the complaint it seem to have merit, but mr arnold is asking for an explaination, and i would like to hear it before i comment
Its about time, Pantrinbago stood up to the Government and demand our rightful place.There are few Countries on Earth that can lay claim to any National Instrument. The Steelpan should be perfroming the Official version of the National Anthem of T&T or be included in its presentation. Its unfortunate that as the Steelpan continues to be represented internationally, performing the National Anthems of America and Canada in the NBA and even at events in Europe but is not acknowledge to participate fromally at the historical presentation of the 5th Summit. Trinidad and Tobago the Land of the Steelpan continues to ignore the importance of our Cultural expression. The steelpan Instrument is just as symbolic as the Statue of Liberty, because Freedom of Expression matters.
Panmageddon is Coming!


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