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Exodus would have to stick to their original song selection for the Panorama finals.

Pan Trinbago’s executive and the Panorama committee decided at a meeting this afternoon that the band would not be allowed to change its song.

Exodus announced...that they would be dropping Superblue’s Rag Storm for Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass. Arranger Pelham Goddard started teaching the band the new song on Wednesday  Tuesday night.

Speaking to Loop following the meeting, Pan Trinbago President Beverley Ramsey-Moore said even though the 2019 rules are silent on the change of song, it gives the executive and the Panorama committee the power to treat with any matters the rule is silent on.

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Is this action a questionable move?

Is there a rule or regulation that stipulates a band cannot change their song at any time?

Are there precedences for bands changing their songs during the event?

These are likely questions if this ruling goes to the courts, but these questions can be answered, can't they?

Exodus has a right to pursue whatever direction they wish regarding this issue.


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6.1 Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating steelband may select and perform any Calypso/Soca or Chutney, providing that:

a)the selection has not been played by said steelband at a previous Panorama Competition.

6.2 Failure to Comply with Music Selection - Any steelband which selects a tune for the competition that fails to comply with clause 6.1 hereof shall be disqualified from the competition.

Pan Trinbago: Exodus cannot change tune


“The rule al­so states that where the rule is silent the ex­ec­u­tive com­mit­tee can take a de­ci­sion on it,” Ram­sey-Moore said.

Ram­sey-Moore said the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a band chang­ing its Panora­ma tune of choice is some­thing that Pan Trin­ba­go will look at, but not at this stage of the com­pe­ti­tion.

Any "Bush lawyer" on the forum challenging the PRESIDENT interpretation of  the 2019 PT rules?

Maria Bhola - False Alarm (Calypso 2019)

Trinidadians need to realize that we are all living in 2019 not 1920. We are more educated today than the past, many things we did in the past were wrong, like letting Solo Harmonites change their tune etc There may be more bands that did the same thing, again it was wrong. We evolve through education and this is a perfect example to educate our youngsters. Sad so many of our old pan-men on this forum still accept accept mediocrity, no wonder pan is struggling to get off the ground for so many years.


In my opinion trying to stop a band from switching a song is a short sighted decision by the Pan Trinbago Executive because a new song does not stop the judges from properly judging the music and arrangement that the band presents in the final in any way if the judges are doing their jobs properly. Also many bands have changed songs in the middle of Panorama in the past including Phase II Pan Groove and Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra so a precedence has already been set.

I am in total agreement with Pan Trinbago,.........if they allow Exodus to change their song for the final,they(P. T. B) would loose control of the program going forward!!!......... THEY HAVE TO  AMEND THE RULES GOVERNING THE PANORAMA ..........'Pelham' you just have to rearrange the song!! you are quite capable.....good luck!

Mr. Smith I have no problem with Pan Trinbago establishing a new rule that from Panorama 2020 the same song must be played from prelims to finals, but for this year, having had precedent established in past years, a new rule cannot be put forward in the middle of the competition obliging any band from changing. As has been said elsewhere, I don''t think it gives Exodus any material advantage, as a matter of fact its a distinct disadvantage, unless an arrangement was already prepared. Even so, their players will now have a matter of days to  reset mentally. I believe reason should prevail and Exodus should be allowed to go on with their change and let us not get into the court bacchanal thing. Change the rule for 2020.

No money to pay players, now yuh getting in the way of a band trying to win the big dollars. The new Pres. seem to be making it a habit of getting on the wrong side of pan people.

So why cant Exodus put the same time and effort into changing their arrangement of Rag Storm as they would spend in coming with a entirely new song if they not happy? If they can come with a new tune with full arrangement they could adjust Rag Storm to their liking is that not so? What the hell is all this going to court nonsense, well I did not like the band I support playing Iron Love I wanted them to play Hooking Meh, they better change that quick if they want to win. Better yet all those bands that did not make it why not request another judging rounds with playing a different tune and see if they can qualify  for finals now?

Sue it's not the arrangement they don't want, they don't want the tune....
Mr. alexander:
that situation with Desperadoes was entirely different. One of the Judges had the selection as BOOGIE WOOGIE hence the reason for the court procedure. they never changed their tune


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