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Michael Joseph - Pan Trinbago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - I must express my disgust and indignation at the attitude and behaviour of a few misguided, uninformed panists, who attended a general membership meeting at City Hall, Port of Spain on 28/12/2016, called by Pan Trinbago Inc. to discuss players’ remittances for 2016 and the future of Panorama 2017.

It was clear to me that some people came with an agenda inimical to the best interest of Pan Trinbago, but I believe that in a democratic organization, everyone is entitled to their own views, once expressed in a dignified and respectful manner, but when they are filled with malicious accusations and hostility that is a horse of a different colour...
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"Pan MUST move forward rapidly Mr Joseph,to command our space and to grasps all the opportunities that the Globe offers."

One sentence encapsulating the dreams and hopes of PAN LOVERS from Trinidad to the farthest corners of the globe.

Why is Mr. Joseph constantly taking to social media to communicate lies to the steelband fraternity? Why is Mr. Joseph intent on continually coming across as one of the pigs on "Animal Farm"? What would have been Mr. Joseph's position, had he not been an execuitive member of Pan Trinbago? How far removed is Mr. Joseph's ideology, as is evidenced in his communication, from that which he demonstrated against in 1970? Mr. Joseph has cemented in my mind, the fact that many (NOT ALL) of the persons who rose up against "the system" in 1970 were misguided, ignorant, uninformed followers, who were mobilized primarily, to replace the oligarchy by their own corrupt, dishonest authoritarianism. Mr. Joseph's unprincipled stand, and his reference of names by association must want to make Kafra Kambon, Clive Nunez, Winston Lennard, Professor Winston Suite VOMIT, as I am sure that NONE of these gentlemen would want to be associated, or identified with the behavior of the current Pan Trinbago executive, as it relates to their dishonesty and lies. If Mr. Joseph had his way, I have no doubt in my mind that he would summarily execute Boogsie and Gulston, and another penman who dares challenge his BULLSHIT. Wake up sir, this is the 21st century, I once respected you as an elder, but you have forfeited that honor, because you firmly believe that panmen are uninformed, illiterate jackasses, based on the BULLSHIT you continue to spew.

Michael Joseph: Pan players wants to know when they are going to get their money, they don't want to hear your life story. The time has come for you'll to go, let's give the youths ah chance.


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