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Ok people it's that time of the year when we make our pick for panorama 2014, pick as many as you like.

Here's how I see it.

                          1 Phase ll

                          2 XO

                          3 Despers and Renegades

                          4 All Stars

                          5 Fonclaire

                          6 Skiffle        

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Yes patrick. Boogsie also has a record that no one will ever break, only equal.

He won every zone in 1988, including the national pan around the neck competition.

Phase 2- North, Our Boys - Tobago, Deltones - South/Central, Potential and Scherzando (tied) - East (he arranged for the both), Skiffle Bunch - Pan around the neck. Phase 2 also won the National. If that is not genius, I don't know what is.

At the Steelband Musical Festival, "Boogsie" has been dubbed the Mozart of Pan by foreign adjudicators, as his compositions have been able to stand alongside those of the great classical masters. Eve4Pan, please understand, you can't please everybody. Boogsie is playing 21st century music, he keeps creating and innovating with his style arrangements every year. Most of the other arrangers are scared or maybe don't have vibes needed to go out of the box. Boogsie is a Genius and nobody who is truthful will deny it. He has gone gone place, no arranger has dared to go. He is doing something for pan music, while most of the others remain stagnant, same old runs put to new melodies. I second your comment!

My point here is there were two Arrangers who made public complaints about losing a panorama. The first to do that was Boogsie and the second was Pelham Goddard. Boogsie was not punished for his outcry but Pelham was and the following year Exodus did not even get into the finals.

Interesting point!!! Well I think that Boogsie will get punished this year for COMPLAINING about the GREENS. Pure speculation on my part, but POLITICS governs every competition from Sochi to the Savannah.

Pelham music is boring. Very boring. He is precise, clean, well polished, but boring. No sweetness.

There is a young kid today by the name of Andre White, he needs to handle a large band, he is very promising and always include some sweetness to his arrangements.

Up to what point do you know about the panorama, didn't Professor, Bradly with Pandemonium gripe about losing. Didn't some bands go to court for some reason or the other when they were omitted long before. Some won, some lost their appeal. Despers, Tokyo, Renegade, all did not accept the judges decision and took action.Your dislike for Phase 2 is glaring.


"If it were any band to be stuck playing the same thing for years"  don't deserve answering.

Cecil… I am not a Phase 2 hater. I am just pointing out the obvious inconsistencies I see when it comes to the bands in the top flight. Phase 2 have had really good tunes but they just come up against strong opposition in that year. Everyone could call on a time they felt cheated. What needs to happen is they should bring back the people’s choice and then we will all get a vote.


Point taken. 

Martin, People's choice is usually for the bands with the most supporters, If I am an all stars fan I will not vote for another unless my conscience bordering me knowing that the other band really played far better than my band.

Martin I see you are knowledgeable and therefore know what you are talking about and therefore indeed correct, unfortunately not many of us here do.


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