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Ok people it's that time of the year when we make our pick for panorama 2014, pick as many as you like.

Here's how I see it.

                          1 Phase ll

                          2 XO

                          3 Despers and Renegades

                          4 All Stars

                          5 Fonclaire

                          6 Skiffle        

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Martin thanks for enlightening those of us who presume to know all

By the way, All Stars is my band and if they were not doing good like last year I predicted the loss I would say it. Some people are afraid to say when their band is not sounding good enough to win. The only people who need to know the song being played are the judges and I can assure you they have copies of all the songs in the final and therefor know what the melodic lines are and what arrangements were made to it. When you have arrangers making excuses about the lateness of the release of a tune, then you have to ask yourself if he or she playing for sympathy.

As far as when a tune comes out late the Judges definitely know the tune, the only time the public will really need to know the tune is if they are voting for People's Choice. (I personally would like to know how the song go, but I am not a Judge)

Every Arranger have their style so it will look like they playing the same thing every year but it's their style.

If Andy do a tune for another band you will know its Andy did that tune, the same for all Arrangers.

We really cant help but feel and think that way because we are Human Beings, and we will have some sort of a Bias.(even the Judges will have Bias, because they are also Human Beings)  

Bede: According to Winston Dayal (Gons), the judges did not know THE REASON (see his post above). Stop calling Andy name. Andy done loss. As somebody say the band with 90% of the players who could read and write music -- cyar play pan. Go figure!

Yes!!! I have meh bias too, ah think yuh is ah real cool and genuine fellah with  formidable knowledge about PAN MUSIC.

Claude, All the Judges get the Music before the Competition, the Judges knows the tunes and it's not important for the Audience  to know the tune unless it's for the People's choice Prize. Now the Judges are human, they sometimes give scores according to the Applause the Band receive (Which it should not be, but that's a fact) You think if ah band play and nobody applause they going to get high marks?

 The most applause goes to All Stars (That's the town band) If I was still living in Trinidad I probably would be an All Stars fan, most of my Friends from City Symphony support All Stars.

That Band from Chaguanas Tropical Angel Harps arrange by Clarence Morris Plays great music, but they might never win a Panorama.

Henry "Bendix" Cumberbatch (deceased) used to arrange for Casablanca I think in the 80"s told me "No matter what he do they will never let him win ah Panorama in front of certain Arrangers, the best he will get is 3rd or 4th".

So I really believe Politics plays an important part 

Bede….All Stars went for many years without a win and the judges are not always swayed by the chairing crowd. 1993 Dust in Yuh Face All Stars were the only band ever in the history of panorama to be asked for an encore tied for third. 1984 Doh Back Back, even with the help of Sparrow and the crowd second place. 1985 Soucouyant with the help of Crazy and the crowd third place. 1987 ground-breaking performance of Trini's Curry Tabanca the loudest cheering crowd ever heard at a panorama and the demolition of part of the north stand from prancing fans. Not even in the top 3. Go figure

Martin, That is good Facts to know, I miss a lot of those years, I was into my Job up in the USA and I did not play any Pan for a very long time.

Bede: So is BOOGSIE a musical genius or NOT???

Claude, I will say Boogsie is ah Mad man in Music, He comes up with things other Musical people don't think about, People that study music follow the Rules, some stay within the rules and some don't. Panorama type music you can do that and get away with it

Bede, that is exactly what the Beatles did in the 60s.


I stand by my comment. Go back to 1986, finals....... Pan Rising vs The Hammer

1. Despers

2. All Stars

3. Exodus

4. Phase 11/ Renegades

5. Fonclaire


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