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It is just about that time again when pan people choose who they like for the up coming panorama. With 4 more weeks to go who do you like this year? Pick 5 bands in any or each category, you can make changes anytime you like.

This is me.     Small                                Medium                          Large

                     Golden Hands                    Pan Elders                       Phase ll

                     Supernovers                       Melodians                        Renegades

                     Moods                               Laventil Sound Setters      Exodus

                     Arima Golden Symphony    Valley Harps                     All Stars

                     Tamana Pioneers                Sforzata                          Skiffle.

We all have different methods of choosing who we like, the majority will choose without even hearing a note played. I made my choices by the Arranger and the song they choose.

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i like renegades this year- but how they go beat phase 11 if Bogise play Mary had a little lamb he go win "Bandit"

Cecil, my picks for Large Bands are:

1. Phase II

2. Renegades

3. All Stars

4. Despers

5. Exodus

Will think about picking top 5 in the other categories.

S&S you have an impressive 5 here, how do you feel about Fonclaire, Skiffle, Birdsong and Silver Stars?

Cecil, not sure why you put Birdsong in there but I will say that it will be a repeat of last year (smile) with Silver Stars and Invaders following close on their heels...

I like Fonclaire's tune but not sure they could run with the big horses. You didn't mention Starlift, Nightingales, Tropical Angel Harps, Solo and Redemption. I heard Starlift and they are sounding much better than last year so they could be a dark horse for the top 5. But I do have a soft spot for Angel Harps and hope that they do better this year...

What do you think about the bands you mentioned?

S&S I gave Andy the benefit of the doubt, he's definitely capable of making nice music, let's see if he is really serious about competing this year. I believe Fonclaire has the chops to run with the big boys, I like their tune. As far as StarLift is concern I think they took themselves out of the game when they decided to go with an unknown arranger. I would love it if a band hire Leroy Clark from London and let him run with the big boys in the big yard. As for the rest of the bands I can't see them giving the big boys any trouble.

Cecil, after much listening I am updating my Large band picks 

(1) All Stars / Renegades --tied

(3) Phase 11

(4) Despers / XO--- tied 

(6) Skiffle bunch

Daniel L, U R a All Stars fan, I'm a Phase ll, that's the only thing keepin me from agreeing with your choice, switch All Stars and Phase ll and we have an agreement.  lol

Cecil you have me beat. After all the admiration and kudos you poured out on Cap. Neville Jules 2 years ago and took my photo with him on Empire Blvd.jouvert morning I swore you were an All Stars. lol I framed the photo in my living room. You are still my hero. However I would love to switch All Stars and phase, but Phase have tooooo beat me.(and not by 1 point that don't count lol) Phase have not beaten All Stars in the last 4 yrs by more than 2 points ............

Too Funny !!

DL, ! point is all that's needed, lol we doh want to put allyuh to shame, out of respect.

Well people last night we heard from Phase ll Birdsong, Skiffle and Fonclaire, any comments?

It is high time the prelims be returned to the Big Yard where bands would earn marks for their performances in order to qualify for the Semis. In this way all bands will be judged at the same time and under the exact conditions. Listening to a video instead of a live performance are two totally different experiences. 

Create a cut-off mark (say 270) which could demand apt performances for qualification and put a stop to the current senseless rite of passage foolishly authenticated by "quasi-judging".

Even if, for economic reasons, the PanYard judging must continue then apply the suggested rules which would certainly cease the continued display of arrogance in having just a verse and chorus and/or an unfinished tune thrown out....while most, if not all other mortals diligently work in presenting an appreciable performance.


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