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Panorama And The Power Of Context
A steelband panorama special to When Steel Talks

New York, USA - In the parking lot of the Brooklyn Museum, WIADCA’s red, white and blue corporate logo featuring a humming bird and an eagle, loomed large at the center of the back wall of the stage. Surrounding WIADCA’s logo was a myriad of corporate posters such as Heineken Beer, McDonalds, Healthfirst, Hennessy, National Grid, The Daily News, Kings County Hospital, Caribbean Life, American Airlines, and others. Curiously, there was no prominent banner to signal the spectacular event of the night -- New York’s 2K10 Panorama Competition.
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Hi Everyone:

I'd originally intended to play three selections from the 2010 NY Panorama Competition which would have been preceded by the original vocal versions. However, because of the UNGA's meeting taking place this and next week, I thought I would be more appropriate to air the remarks of some Caribbean Heads of State on Telling It Like It Is with Stephen The Road Warrior on 99.5 fm, WBAI in NY, streaming live at www.wbai.org and will be archived there for 90 days. This bi-weekly program will air on Monday, September 20th from 3-6 am NY Time. I will at least play the champion's performance. Have a good day. Stephen
Thanks Stephen. I think it would be great if WBAI did a special on the Panorama competition. It would certainly be a great way to expand their listening audience.

I was interviewed by Ian Forrest at the conclusion of the competition, wondering if that has been/will be aired at any point... thanks
Please make a request that it be aired.
Great stuff Gus. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to hear the results of your follow through.
I can't wait myself. There is an African proverb that says, "If you climb a good tree, you will get the push that you deserve." I'd like to think that I'm about to climb a good coconut tree but then again I really love mangoes. Stay tuned and I'm looking to see you on the court or climbing a good tree.
This is one piece I actually saved to read at a more appropriate time....This is a visionary and valuable piece of information.....Kudos to When Steel Talks
Thanks for the acknowledgment. I will read it again myself and I am interested in knowing what in the piece grabbed your attention.



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