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FIRST OF ALL, let me state my credentials. I was a stageside member of Desperadoes from 1980 to1991, during which time I performed at all 12 Panorama competitions. I also participated in two Musical Festivals – 1986 and 88.

So even if I’m not now participating, I’m following because, to me, Panorama is the greatest musical extravaganza on Earth. Where in the world can you find so many bands in a truly indigenous music festival?

The instruments are made by Trinidadians-Tobagonians, the music composed and arranged by Trinidadians-Tobagonians, and performed for the most part by Trinidadians-Tobagonians. All ingredients/components are Trinidadian-Tobagonian. Isn’t that fascinating?


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Trust meh Glenroy...A lot of thought usually goes into selecting a musical "quote" in a Panorama tune...Many years ago Ray Holman quoted Stevie Wonder's pentatonic line from Sir Duke... (I can't remember the tune he did it in though) Not a fuss was made...It was considered a "stroke of genius"...

when they lose, and unhappy that is what happen,

This is why I think we will see more musical references. For the most part these soca selections' thematic strength is in their lyrics and not the music, so instead of just riffing on the limited music you riff on the lyrical theme and use it to tell a story. It's not laziness; on the contrary, it's simply another way to work with what you're given...

ONE MAN have all the PAN CHAT SITES in AN UPROAR this morning. How dare he critique the MYSTICAL PANORAMA?

One commentator even VEX with NEWSDAY for even publishing the article.

Needless to say: EDDIE HOLDER MADE MY DAY!!!

 PANTRINBAGO, it's time to change the Panorama Judges! most of them are  Judging the Panorama for the past 40 yrs,  this is not an EXAGGERATION. its a fact, the GENERATION of pan players, ARRANGERS,  TUNERS AND  PRESIDENTS have CHANGED over the years  THE PANORAMA JUDGES remained the same, TIME FOR A TOTAL CHANCE OF ALL THE CURRENT JUDGES...............peace!

Why are we changing the judges? Because we don't like the results?



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