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Panorama exclusive broadcast rights only worth TT$125,000 and TnT Carnival overall TT$500,000?

Steelpan Body gave/sold broadcast rights to CNMG - Panorama exclusive broadcast rights only worth TT$125,000 and TnT Carnival overall TT$500,000?

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Amongst the self-congratulatory accolades, a somewhat remarkable bit of information was revealed as When Steel Talks (WST) took in the press conference as Trinidad and Tobago ministers gave their post-carnival summary. Not being in a position to pose any key questions, WST sat and listened. And listened. You know the old adage, talk less, listen more, learn a lot. Mind you, WST was only listening in to see if there would be any follow-up or mention, of the internet/Pay-Per-View debacle over last weekend. There was none.
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Hi Bugs, I do not agree that any of the interest groups Pan Trinbago, TUCO or the NCBA should give their rights away for peanuts. I however agree with the principle of the thing. What the interest groups need to do is (that is if they do not have it already) secure persons with the knowledge and skills to negotiate with the Broadcasters or open for tender - whatever method they choose - the rights to Broadcast their shows during Carnival. The package will also include sponsorship rights, pay per view and downstream packages of programmes for sale, the full works.

Until they show the aptitude and the "cojones" necessary to take their organisations in that direction then the Government is going to continue taking the initiative. Once they continue going cap-in-hand to the Culture Ministry for funds year after year, then I say "who pays the piper, calls the tune".

because they have the goverment money to spend . and the bands accept the little they are getting
Keith I am curious as to why you see this as positive situation? How can the Trinidad and Tobago media houses be more competitive in their bidding if they were not part of the bidding process? Why did the stake holders not offer the rights to an American media company or neighboring Caribbean media operation or government?

If this is about the most money fro your product, why not do just that? It would appear the Trinidad government is the last place you would offer your right to? Don't you think there is a major conflict of interest here?

I so agree with you Bugs. But it seems like we live in a mini communist society the government of the day wants to control everything. Have anyone noticed how illiterate the some of the commentators covering some of the events were to the history of the various enter-ties. Wrong information on Steelbands Mass Calypsonians etc. Not to mention the comments of steelband performances lucky I had the panel of more experiences people like Pat Bishop on the air wares to listen to. The government need to financially assist culture and leave the groups to organise stuff for themselves without bias and malice behaviour.
"...dey too bright...!

What needs to be done beforehand, is to implement a quality system for the  yearly panorama competition. Make it authentic. Large bands only for the competition. The nonsense broadcasting today will not  achieve positive foreign exchange we can depend on yearly. May start good, then flop, if proper system not in place. Presently is only Caribbean audience outside of TT interested in pan, not much white people. We need to encourage more white people to be hooked.


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