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PANORAMA starting TODAY!!! Ah hope they have cameras in place to bring the performances worldwide!!!

Ah mean, if they have cameras on the CHIEF JUSTICE and the MINISTER OF SPORTS -- PAN MUSIC being the greatest music in the world with PANORAMA as the Marquee Event -- then they should have LIVESTREAMS to the world ... especially the 20,000 PAN FANS on WHEN STEEL TALKS!!!

Ah wish THE CIP was running things!!! We could have gotten AQUIL ARRINDELL to give us a LIVE AND DIRECT view of EVERY PERFORMANCE.

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This day and age you would think pantrinbago would have a way to have all the bands recorded from the yard all the way to finals, must say thanx to the two guys that records all the small and med bands from the prelims to finals, but single pan is the outside child that no one wants

London Gabriel:  I have to say, I agree with you.  It is really disrespectful that Pan Trinbago wants to get the small bands out of the way (ie. small bands finals) before most Carnival patrons even arrive in Trinidad!  I noticed that in 2017 and again for this year, 2018.  He needs to sit down and remember where pan came from.

Fear not Gabriel your name alone suggest that you are a man of great expectatioins. Yours truely will be doing it for South Central Region prelims as usual in T&T. By the way do you remember my days on the Grundig (Guitar Pans) with Ebony Steelband in the 1970s? I was the PRO. That was during student tenure at Digby Stewart College after which I became a teacher at Southfield Middle School, West London. Thereafter I picked up a teaching assignment in Nigeria. Then back to school at Mc Gill University in Montreal and then back to the Land of Steelband & Calypso ... then took up another teacing assignment in Botswana. 

Do you remember I was the one who introduced "Pan on Wheels with canopy" with Ebony, in the Ladbroke Carnival, thereafter other bands were to follow. I'm just doing my bit via the media these days.        

yes I know you and curtis does a great job with covering the bands 


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