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338 people rec my song and not a band played it for panorama


 I was one of those 383 people, I thought your song was one of the best songs this year... and like you said, not a band in any category played it...go figure...


Hey, It's very hard for songwriter to break through. Plus more arrangers are writing their own tunes.



one night during the season i did a count... of the 52 or so songs in this list, only about 20 got played by a steel orchestra in any category. that's 40% of the music...

That's actually not a bad percentage.  It's a "bug's life" for a songwriter who wants his tune picked up by a steel-band for panorama.



Always the great beat and lyrics!!

Re: PAN IS DE TING by Harry Best.

Harry boy, dis is a boss tune! I love it too, too bad. It has a fresh, breezy feel, excellent lyrics and great tonal quality. It is not just a great 'pan tune', it's a great piece of music by any measure. It inspires me to write music.

Any time you come to Australia you have to come and stay by me.

 More, Harry, more!

   Matt Davies

Hi Everyone,

It is a sad day for all culture lovers, especially the pan fraternity on the passing of Neville Jules.I did a living tribute to him in 2011 and do hope to share my condolences with his family and associates.May his soul rest in peace.




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