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Wake Up....good one Pouchet...different....nice energy from Denise too....
You just have to look at how steelbands are treated on the street for Carnival.
On Coffee street, lastlap, 2k9 the police are forcing a band out of the way and disruping all the players etc. so a 'BigTruck' could rush past with music blaring.

This is all you need to witness to know where SteelBand ranks in the eyes of authority.
Yet still I love the instrument - just wish it was held in 'higher esteem'.

Hey this may be a hook for a killer "Panorama Tune"!!
the stellbands have a blame to take too,what i don't like is:long time when i used to play pan with solo, we used to have the hold band playing on the road, now is a little bit of pans on a truck or trailer and you can't realy get the feeling and vybs from the band ......so sad
this is a good song 4 mother's day don't u think
I was hoping for a serious topic in the midst of these tunes. Maybe there is still hope. Life is not going to continue as usual that is for certain. I hope for foresight in this age and pray that others have seen and that the musician and artist can use the music to relay this.
Look out for Destra's "Calling Meh". Its coming very soon folks, and it BADDDDDD!!! Sound Specialists of Laventille, get ready. Mark Loquan, Professor and Destra doing wonders AGAIN.
I have to let some of them songs simmer, the lyrics in some of them are rushed and probably not all the words are suited for the melody or the singers are doing a crummy job, Pouchette is at it again, he is sticking to his script, well here we go again same old song, same old tricks, but nice ideas I am hearing Silver Stars and I am seeing them putting on a real serious show and when it over do not be surprise that they make a hat trick, I really like Robert Grenidge song this year and I can hear Radoes comming in with a "West band Jam" I expect them to be hard boogsie is going to be sweeter than ever this year even though I cyar hear a clear hook line in the song a brain stainer, an assault on the senses (as Dalton Narine often described pan performances) phase is my band but there are ensemble problems all the players are not having the same intensity compared to the stars who allways present a more unified effort, I am not betting on Phase the race ent start but I am buying Silver Stars and I am looking for a beat hand on the Radoes as a dark horse, well Imamu we have You tube these days, as far as the songs so far I am impressed with pouchette and Brian " Bean" Griffith, I do hope that the bands will look at all the songs in their various deliberations, too much nice music does go by year after year without the pan giving them a try
Just for the "SOUR PUSSES" give it up, get over it, the race haven't even started yet, the training camps haven't opened in a real way, but I buying band already, I hope Exodus get overs it, it was long comming, Pellam needs to review his own arrangement in 1977 when he arranged maestros Gold for Third world steel orchestra, what he is doing now is no comparison, the players have been doing their best so its up to him, phase needs to play as a band and not a group of different crackshots the silver stars haters who have been demonizing their efforts need to need to listen, I am not a Silver Stars kind of person but give "jack his Jacket" and get real, from the songs I hear so far it looks like they are preparing for a hatrick
want to see more songs for panroama 2011..............so far so good love "Wake up", "pan is my drug",discount" and" showtime"...........
well I is man enough to admit at first I write off this one but it is begining to grow on me,it is a lot different from what we have been hearing for the last meeting with Boogsie, I do not believe that he needs to change his flavour but they need to configure the band different and thighten up on the execution
Nice one Hayden,strong message,sweet melody,lyrics pertinent to this time. i would love to hear at least one band doing it for panorama.i wonder who is up to the challenge since the maestro is no longer with us? best of luck for 2011.
Jah blessings.


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