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Hema Ramkissoon spoke with the President of Pan Trinibago Beverly Ramsey Moore on this year's competition.

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If yuh get that money -- ah coming down and make a lime.

But on the FLIP SIDE I done tell mehself that I eh never going back to TRINIDAD for the REST OF MY LIFE.

So something telling me that I will NOT HAVE CAUSE to come back to TRINIDAD. However, this is an ELECTION YEAR ... so yuh odds might be GOOD.

In 2016 gate receipts were $10.0 MILLION

In 2017 gate receipts were $3.4 MILLION

In 2018 gate receipts were $3.2 MILLION

In 2019 gate receipts were $2.8 MILLION

In 2020 gate receipts were $??? ... we waiting for BEVERLEY!!!

I don't think its important if the panorama make a profit. Once you have the government supporting certain steel-bands [given prime property etc] yearly and the others have to sustain themselves, it's all problematic.

A better plan is get rid of the regiment, take that money to reduce crime and rebuild the North Stand every year for panorama and carnival.

A picture is worth a thousand words...


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