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My intention is not to bring about any controversy but just trying to see how the dropping of the high and low score on the judges score sheets is viewed by others.  We will all never agree with whatever system is used but with just one point separating the first four bands,followed by a tie for fifth position and just one point less, a tie with three bands for seventh. Were  the performances really that close? Never mind which is your favourite band. Should all the scores be left in or is there some other system that can be introduced? Just curious.


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Like your comment.  Always wondered what was the criteria for selecting the judges. To me it seems like the same ole bats every year without any young visionaries in train.

So what are you saying Cecil Frances, classics dont have color and moods, and thus in your opinion if one dont hear "bebop, blues, latin" and all that you mentioned in a panorama arangement it is "tata" I also noticed how you mentioned so many other musical genre that you consider to be good panorama music but not once mentioned that which is indigenous to TnT, i wonder if you can define the various genre you mentioned....oh, including classics. I think also if you listen with unbias ears, you will hear snibbits of all those genre being incorporated in many of the arangements by various bands, and not just recently but from a long time ago, but its seems as soon as some of us gain abit of music proficiency we become chief cook n bottle washer and the worse part is the way we make ourselves believe wht we have is not good enough.


I cannot begin to understand if these judges listen to the same music as the public. Firstly why was La Brea treated so unfairly? secondly why did Renegades place so low? What made Phase 2 stand out to the other bands? This judging has been questionable for quite some years but once we have a corrupt organization like Pantrinbago running this competition, where all their big boys are aligned to certain bands and arrangers it will never change. Be blessed.

well that system was suppose to stop people from giving high points to the bands they like and Low points to the band they dont like..so i was told....Now Weather it works or not.. thats a Point to look at...also a Judge can Erase point i dont agree with.. and where also a judge can sit and discuss points given or taken away can be look at..One can change the system but am sure by now these judges cant tally points to any band liking or there liking of themselves..None the lest i think this was one of the Best Years for music- pan arrangers in a short time to arrange...

Flats and sharps augmented with a lil bias and politics, sustain the low scores, high scores, jazz and classics, soca and chutney, reggae in between. Throw out the afore-mentioned and take a look at the economic side of judging. It is imperative that the so-called perennial top ten bands make it to the big dance, otherwise, there is no North Stand, No Greens, No seats in the seats, and,  subsequently,  NO MONEY to line anyone's pockets. Panorama, like politics in T&T, has always been a gimmick. Whatever works for you is a 'success'. Panorama competitions are the best for pan lovers, and the worst for people who love good pan music.

I'd rather listen to Liam, Andy, Andre, Zanda, Ray 

Folks my honest view to this topic is....THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER!! Here's why: On 21st Jan. a judge visited the panyards in the North with pan trinbago and listened to the bands and gave comments.A band(i eh callin name) started their tune without and introduction as they were not giving points but just comments.When the comments were read, the judge opened with WELL ORCHESTRATED INTRODUCTION WITH GOOD USE OF DYNAMICS AND NO INTRODUCTION WAS PLAYED. Another who judged panorama in 2004 came to arrange for a band (i eh callin name) in panorama the following year AND DID NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENT PANS AND THEIR PURPOSE, except for the tenors and bass.Imagine asking what pan is this and when told it's a double tenor asked if it is the player played two tenors at once...AND HE JUDGED PANORAMA SCORING POINTS FOR BANDS! Another spoke of a background solo not being effective. The arranger played a recording of the tune pointing out that THERE WAS NEVER ANY BACKGROUND SOLO
One writer wrote that many cannot arrange a calypso because of their musical background.That is very correct. I remember some of us going to one with a Kitchener score and what we were given to play phrasing etc. was nothing that Kitch sang when the tune was released.I don't know the answer but the question is ...WHAT DO WE DO AND WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE.

Well Gerard it seems that THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER and the million dollar question is WHAT DO WE DO AND WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? I guess all we can do at this stage is to do our own individual judging and hope that whatever formula the judges use that the results are close to what we come up with. At least this way some of us will have our own personal satisfaction. It is too late anyway to change the judging format for this Panorama. We live in hope that something can be done in the near future to bring about the right results. We owe it to the panmen,the steelbands and the sponsors to come up with a solution.



Boogsie made a good point in a radio interview after his band,s performance. he said that panorama judges should be allowed to arrange a panorama piece. Because while one can have a degree in Music, that person may not necessarily have the skill and ability to arrange a proper Panorama piece.  All the judges should be of one mind. We often see judges scores of Olympians in most cases , they are very close, The reason!, the judges follow the performance according to the criteria given. One must consider the amount of time, money, and preparation that goes into a Panorama sound, and any judging should be done on a more professional basis, with full knowledge and competence of the piece performed.


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