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It is beyond me that in this hi-tech world that I am forced to listen to panorama on live radio.

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I totally agree , actually it's embarrassing .

Cecil, the next best thing.lol

Boy Scouts running things in the Mecca or wah?

Cecil, Channel 6 carried the Panorama competitions live, both days.

Trevor, this was a secret or what?

Carnival TV last year had a pay-per-view I seem to remember. I think it was Carnival Monday and Tuesday and they also had Panorama . But as of this morning the only things on their schedule was 2013 , soooooo old.

There has to be some company out there that is streaming 2014 Carnival , even if you have to pay for it.

Please ------- W.S.T ------------ let your members know.


Carnival TV has already said they will again have finals this year -  likely again in the EXCELLENT HD quality stream they had for the last two years - they did a REALLY wonderful  job. 

they will also have some of the other Carnival events,  but they only show finals of each event, not semi's; and they also showed carnival Tuesday last year (they haven't made any announcement if they having that again this year though.) - they post info on what they will be streaming, on their Facebook page.


Yesterday cnc3 showed the very first band and then it cut off and was showing the something over for the entire day, not sure if they had to stop showing it cause they didn't have the rights. 

Given the probable returns -- pan is, sadly, not a must-watch world event, the cost of setting up and administrating a (complex) pay-per-view is quite likely prohibitive. Putting up a simple (free) live stream, with visual, however, is quite cheap. Pan Trinbago is so concerned about encouraging the pan audience to grow and attracting younger audiences, yet  misdirects effort and large sums on unrelated-to-pan (read: gag-inducing) schemes (read: pools???)… The pan world would be much better served were Pan Trinbago to live-stream FREE Panorama semis and finals (and other pan events, too, come to think of it), in order to involve pan lovers everywhere and attract new ones (including at home). (You want to reach a young audience? Just promote then live-stream free to their smart phones.) The T&T government should also look at supporting this as a wonderful opportunity to promote Trinidad abroad. (Would cost far, far less than flying in one mediocre foreign journalist on the usual Carnival junket.) Better still? Let Pan Trinbago find a sponsor or two to fund the thing. Angostura perhaps? Take a drink, watch the pan online. Digicel or Lime? Include a contest to text in the winning bands in order. Start now, Pan Trinbago, rather than dithering until January next year. Still better? Put it in the capable (and technically capable) hands of an expert rather than messing with it yourselves. (The agency that promoted David Rudder's 60th B'day concert, for example, was a class act, I recall.) I can hear Pan Trinbago or the T&T gov't: "Free? But how can we make money wit dat?" The response: Keep the payment schemes out, keep the integrity and clarity of purpose in, and benefit from returns that are far greater than a few coins in the pocket.

Great post Steve.

Steve to understand what you are proposing takes intelligence. It takes a clear perspective. We cannot expect gangsters, dummies and thieves to embrace original ideas that benefit the steelpan movement in Trinidad and Tobago.


Hi Steve. I appreciate your clear and coherent recommendations. My observation here is that the governing bodies - the carnival alphabet soup - each tries to commandeer the returns from any commercial activity hence the annual failed negotiations. In the final analysis questions abound - who owns the rights to the video, audio, photographs, designs, etc.? I think those are vexing questions that have not been raised before the potential for global revenue became a reality. This is a conversation that urgently needs to be resolved before we end up giving all the revenue back to teams of attorneys. Let's force the conversation by our demands. Oh yes, the stakeholders also need to  understand the power of freeconomics.  


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