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It is beyond me that in this hi-tech world that I am forced to listen to panorama on live radio.

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You will get a great video stream. Carnival TV will stream the Finals. They are great

Thanks for the info. Tony.

no we will not get a good video stream - not even from CarnivalTV -  go and read the post about the NCC putting limits on the internet streaming.... they are not permitting high-quality HD streaming this year. I hope this turns out to be wrong.

NCC Drops Internet Plan
Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Trinidadians and other fans of Carnival living abroad may be facing a blackout after the tendering process for the television production rights to stream a dozen Carnival shows and mas online were quashed by the National Carnival Commission (NCC). 

The decision means while Carnival can still be streamed online, the video may not be professionally produced to a high standard as originally planned. Further, the professional companies previously interested in doing so may not, meaning there may be no proper streaming of shows and mas during the season. 

... producer, director and writer Danielle Dieffenthaller described the move as backward and one which could result in a poor quality product being put out from entities or individuals who may still decide to stream events."



I'll much prefer to have bad video that good radio.

of course.

all i'm saying is if the NCC really gets away with this boneheaded plan, then even CarnivalTV won't be able to stream in HD like they have for the past few years.


CATT: I ain't even talking to you no more. You and Cecil could look at allyuh "bad video stream" together.

CARNIVAL TV is still stuck on 2013 -- no mention of 2014.

lmao Claude.  but, um, yes they HAVE mentioned 2014... they been discussing it and posting about it on their Facebook page for weeks.

I went to the site and it was 2013 -- thanks for the update!

yup. FB is the place for current info.  the site itself probly won't get updated until and UNLESS they will be able to provide the stream this  year -  they had announced a week or so ago they were definitely having finals again -  and then this NCC news came out yesterday.  so......   who knows what will happen now. feh.

(see? i KNEW ya would talk to me again. nanny nanny booboo. lol)

CTV was awarded the rites to broadcast last Friday, doh ask meh what's the difference with broadcasting and streaming.


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