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People sending me all kinda email asking me why I am PRESSING SO HARD against KEITH DIAZ ...

And I am very surprised because suddenly everybody want me to EASE UP ON DIAZ. As a creature of Trinidad Politics -- I understand why. But I thought that THE FORUMITES were interested in honest and progressive leadership in PAN TRINBAGO. Of course, all that changed once all the CORRUPTION SCANDALS start exploding LEFT AND RIGHT. And  as ROD STEWART sang: Wake up DOLLY it is late September and the AUDIT REPORT IS DUE... sorry! sorry! It was "MAGGIE" and something about back in school!!!

Even the PRIME MINISTER say that he did not know there was so much CORRUPTION in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO -- is only now he find that out. Like the man never read the JACK WARNER STORY.

So they focusing on THE PORT and The Prime Minister labelled the Port of Port of Spain a den of “conflict”, “corruption” and “iniquity”.

Ah wish that man would take a real hard look at PAN TRINBAGO -- talking about a den of corruption and iniquity.

GREGORY LINDSAY!!! Where are you? Don't tell me that dey buy you out!!! How yuh quiet so all of a sudden?

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Ease up on KEITH Diaz, focus on KEITH Rowley. Is now yuh getting e-mails. Not me nuh, I Jes alleging.

I agree, lay off Diaz, you gets nowhere.

Time to start focusing on panorama 2018. The so called 'big 5' should try and encourage the young pan players to develop the art of arranging panorama music.

Whatever you do, don't stop pressing because Diaz has to go - short and simple. Either he accounts for the money or he goes!

Claude :

you are like 'the lone voice crying in the wilderness' against the corruption of T&T. Well not quite alone but you are  the one who keeps the dialogue going.

You are consistent, persistent and insistent that change from the 'same old same old' way of handling things, need and must change. Apathy only accomplishes more of the same from before.For more productive outcomes  significant change is needed. This constant tapping  from Claude is definitely what is needed to send a message that the old rule of sweeping  under the rug everything that is annoying, problematic, bothersome  or even slightly inconvenient is no longer the way to resolve important issues  in T&T.

This  ongoing apathy affects a huge contingent of the arts community i.e Pan musicians who are the  banner bearers for the pan instrument's survival and  it's continued thriving in T&T its birth home.

Meanwhile on the global scene it is treated like a 'long -lost ' orphan welcomed and supported by its new sponsors and discoverers who immediately become its loving adoptive parents and seldom do we hear that Trinidad is the birthplace of the steelpan.

Other Caribbean Islands , The Virgin Islands and Bahamian islands receive this distinction due to the absence (for many years )of any real marketing of the correct information.

I recently had to correct an American who unknowingly stated that the pan was from the Caribbean.When I questioned him further, to be specific  on which iCaribbean island he said Jamaica. I gently corrected him that it was Trinidadian due to the fact that the only West Indian oil refinery is in Trinidad where the discarded drums were available for facilitating the invention. 

So I say to  you Claude, don't give up. Mandela, MLK, Ghandi and other visionaries fought for issues that were important and beneficient to the masses. and encountered nay sayers and doubters not to mention haters.

Those who have the authority and position in T&T to make a change appear to delay taking action or give hollow explanations for absence of action. This might very well be due to lack of moral pulchritude, knowledge and or insight into how to make the first steps toward rectifying this unfortunate situation in a timely manner. Or maybe  they are all members of a 'secret society' which requires staunch allegiance to not embarrassing each other. Just Saying.

The inertia appears to be one of Hope but no real strategic thinking or empathy towards the pan musicians.  

This calls for the convening by the government of a panel of knowledgeable consultants to advise the authorities on a better way to accomplish  through the following goals

1.Prevent repeat behaviors that led to the current state of affairs, 2. Cauterize the  hemorrhaging of funds into the vast and mysterious unknown artery  that leads to unauthorized bank accounts. 3. Installation of  a more reliable fiduciary system with transparent accountability of funds received and disbursed on behalf of Pan musicians.4. A strategic plan of action for the coming year in regard to events, fundraising, development etc to be under trustees who would oversee operations. 5. Initiate a plan for the offending parties to restore the missing monies. This would be  independent of any legal proceedings that would be involved in a court of law. This action would be setting a precedent for dealing with  and preventing such future actions, before it gets to the courts.      

The Big 5 are well poised to create this new accountability team. 

These are only my suggestions. I am sure there are many more astute ideas that will come from the WST forumites that our esteemed fellow visionary for change ( C.G.)will be able to pallatably present to those to whom it may concern to bring about a positive change. This is bigger than all of us.

Claude you are on.

I think the time has come for you to present your manifesto towards helping the T&T suits do right by the pan men.

We are all with you.

Lynette Laveau Saxe

Life Success /Transformational Coach

Media Arts Entrepreneur.

Mr. claude leave my soldiers alone. lol

Aquil: Since you live in TRINIDAD -- could you please tell me the STATUS of the FORENSIC AUDIT? Meh cousin call meh from Trinidad and tell me that there was NO AUDIT and there WILL BE NO AUDIT because KEITH DIAZ mesmerize DOCTOR DOLLY and get she to STOP THE AUDIT.

Ah doh know ah was only told

In politics -- Keith Diaz rule the world!!!!

Gregory tell me that he was TWO MOVES away from CHECK MATING DIAZ but meh cousin tell meh that Gregory was OUT OF HIS LEAGUE -- politically. So ah doh know who to believe!!!


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