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People worried about how much "n" it have in panist/pannist -- and NOBODY WORRIED about our INABILITY to compose a piece of GLOBAL PAN MUSIC that could get played around the world...

Ah tell yuh!!! This PAN TING is REAL HEADACHE -- especially with DO NOTHING "BACKWARD BEVERLEY" at the HELM in PAN TRINBAGO.

Years now I reading this WHENSTEELTALKS FORUM with all the talk about the MUSICAL PAN GENIUSES DOWN IN THE MECCA and up to now I CANNOT hear ONE of dem MUSICAL GENIUSES compose a piece of  PAN MUSIC that could appeal to GLOBAL AUDIENCES.

Hell, all the LEADING BOOKS ON PAN are written by WHITE AMERICANS -- as if dem is the men who invent PAN. And is just one set ah regurgitated stuff that TRINIS tell dem.

ANDY NARELL went down to TRINIDAD and captured the  SOUL OF THE MUSIC and expressed it on the PAN and became a GLOBAL PAN STAR with the EXPRESSION.

Now I doh know if ANDY NARELL and JONATHAN SCALES is two PANIST or PANNIST -- but all I can say is that DEM TWO COMPOSERS is the TWO BADDEST PAN PLAYERS and PAN COMPOSERS in the WORLD.

And ah holding out hope that KENDALL WILLIAMS could step up and put all that MUSIC EDUCATION IN COMPOSITION to the GLOBAL STAGE TEST like ANDY and JONATHAN.

Not to mention my SECOND HEADACHE: Almost every time I see somebody playing the E-PAN -- dey does be playing it with their FINGERS like if it is a E-PANPIANO. Anyway, that E-PAN was TRANSITIONAL like the FAX MACHINE ... but it will take allyuh some time to figure that out!!!

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Aye Claude, Freddy Harris 3 is putting down some beautiful Pan Covers.


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