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We called it pan this man called it steel drum I grew up singing many of his songs ; at 94 he is now dead after a long illustrious career spanning 60 years, R.IP Pete Seeger thank youhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM7JjNwKg3s

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Always enjoyed the mix of folk and country, may his soul R.I.P. Still love those "woody" steel tones...
Sincere condolences to his Family.

Thanks for letting us have this, to remember the dedication of our leaders coupled with the respect that some foreigners gave to Pan. Condolences to the family and friends of Pete Seeger, who lived long and before this time!

This video should be aired once a week on our TV Stations.

Pete Seeger,

Coming from a historic musical family Pete Seeger also loved  the Steelpan

He was the first known person to have documented the making of the pan way back in the 1950's

He subsequently brought pans  back from Trinidad to the USA and began teaching

We recognize him for his outstanding work and contribution to our pan history.

May he rest in peace

Salah Wilson

My condolences to the Seeger family may he rest in peace. He certainly played a part in Promoting the Steelband.

This documentary is a great piece of the history of Hylanders Steel Ochestra. The street where the cars are passing is Laventille Road, No not back road Laventille, where many people believe Hylanders originated.. Hylanders originated or started at 109 Laventille Road right at the top of Jackson Hill.

                                                                                         Hamilton "THE WEB" Alexander. 

My condolences on his passing.
What a great humanitarian contribution from Pete including his unique contribution to pan.
WST has documented his contribution to the (now defunct ?) US Navy Steelband via the
article 'Words of Steel: Pete Seeger.and the US Navy Steelband' -
Can anyone retrieve a copy of his Pan Tuner's Guide for the Pan archives.?
One of his later interviews: http://www.democracynow.org/2013/8/9/pete_seeger_remembers_his_late...
in Aug. 2013.

May the music always be with you Pete.

Thanks Prof.

I have uploaded the book cover pic.



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