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Peter Rory Aleong is a music enthusiast who has a passion for the steelpan. Fondly known as 'Chinee' he joined the BP Renegades Steel Orchestra in 1983 and has had  tremendous experience in the steelpan arena.

He taught music at St. Francois Girls College for two years and part-time at Bishops Anstey High School where he prepared their steel ensemble for competition in Wales 2005.

For the past two years, he arranged the winning musical pieces for St. Francois Girls Steel Orchestra's participation in the Junior Panorama Secondary School Competition. In 2011 the band performed " How we comin" composed by Brian 'Bean' Griffith, and in 2012 "Trinbago yuh sweet fuh so" written and sung byTrevor Barrow.

We congratulate and thank Mr Aleong for the extraordinary work he as done with the girls and look forward to many successful years under his tutelage.

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I am a friend and former school mate of Rory (Rosary Boys) and it's great to hear of his accomplishments.  I never knew he was this dedicated and involved in the steel pan industry.  Congrats to Rory and his schools.

I now reside in the US - Ft. Laud, Florida to be exact since 1990 and have met and seen Rory over the years. Keep up the fight my friend!

Mario Garcia

Thanks mario  it's good hearing from you ..god has blessed me tremendously  and continues to do so .....keep in touch...bless

Great going, Rory.

Congratulations Rory !  Now  go  for  the  Hat trick.

i have a few tricks up my sleeve ..i'am just waiting to hear what coming out for 2013...thanks and bless

Pure blessings bro. Congrats

thanks clarkeI pray that god would keep inspiring me to produce good music

Congrats Rory KEEP IT UP

thanks my brother i am only following in your footsteps  you keep up the good works yourself.....Bless 

Good going Rory,you can do it again in 2013, MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!!

Hey, Rory....nice to touch base with you here. Good times we have had together in classes at UWI and in the steelband world. We last spoke on the night when you won the Jnr Panorama 2012. Hope to hear of your success in 2013, and keep up the good work. I know the level of your dedication and sincerity and always knew that you would have overcome your obstacles. It really is nice chatting with you here. However we must get together at some time. Stay Blessed my brother, your gifts are constantly unfolding themselves. Anyone who knows you has to be proud of you. Peace Chinee.


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