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Semis finish, now it's down to the wire, give us your final 5.

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Exodus 1st, 

Desperd 2nd,

 Allstars 3rd,

 phase2 4th

 Renegades 5th

It was very unfair for the two South/Central bands Fonclaire and Tropical Angel Harps to play at 3am in the morning when most of the fans and patrons had already left the stands.Not making any excused for these bands. But the stress that goes with transporting pans from a long distance and beating late does not go well with any band. The 30 Small bands should have a separate day to perform. Come on people we in 2017 and PanTrinbago is still in a limbo. It is definitely time for a change.  

Dis is what u get when a neck band has exactly the same voting power in Pan Trinbago as Desperadoes

You really think they going to put small bands on a separate day?  Who will come out to hear them besides their die hard supporters?

At the end of the day....the public in general only want to hear the large and established bands and a few mediums.   

And to break it down even further.....they "love" pan...yes.....but it pretty much secondary to de fete, lime, drinks, and riddim sections in de stands. 

Ridiculous, eh Arthur! Another example of inefficiency from no thoughtful planning, no checking on history of Panorama as a guideline to the present and future. We must protest that this does not take place in 2018 and ever.

All Stars, Despers, Exodus, Phase2, Renegades!


All Stars



Silver Stars

CH; I won't waste my time, to me this (Danceorama) they call Panorama, has become a every and anything goes 3 ring circus, you can't even hear the melody,  dissonance after dissonance after dissonance/noise, sfortaza/forcing tone, no (lousa pausa) every one is copying each other, everyone wants to be someone else other than them selves, no one is being creative anymore, it's like watching flies f---, if u ask me, really boring how could y'all guy's listen too all this bullshit, u guy's must be tone deft by now hum ???

JJJ, this is what we have today, one could either stay away or deal with it, I chose the latter, as for tone deft, at 69 it's a natural progression, the body start getting funny.

Well, ZANDA is now the FLAVA of the LANDA, so I have to put DESPERADOES 1ST!

All Stars got the best PANORAMA music so I have to put them 2ND!

Duvone always comes 3RD!

EXODUS might be lucky to come 4TH!

And am I giving BOOGSANDY and INVADERS a tie for 5TH!

Check your horoscope and you will see stars.

#1  All Stars

#2 Silver Stars

#3 Despers

#4 Phase11

#5 Exodus

Both SKIFFLE and PAN ELDERS panyards/pan theaters are walking distance from each other. With the success and attention PAN ELDERS is getting from the local and foreign media and the whole of San Fernando you will see some great improvement with SKIFFLE in the finals .Also their manager,The Honorable Junia Regrello is now the Mayor of San Fernando and the band is his heart. SKIFFLE is now the dark horse in the race and them three young New York arrangers are hard at work and making major changes in the arrangement to claim victory after the disappointing last placing in 2016. This will be a first in the large band panorama . 1.SKIFFLE, 2. EXODUS, 3.DESPERADOES,4. ALL STARS,5.RENEGADES. South is taking all three conventional categories Large,Medium and Small in a band call FUSION led by Darren Shepherd,an arranger and Pan Trinbago Execitive member  . San Fernando and south Trinidad is already preparing to celebrate and mash up Coffee Street. Eat your hearts out you Town folks because while the city is burning Sando will be jamming still.  

Arthur: When PANORAMA 2017 is over the record books will show 13 straight years of North Bands winning the PANORAMA. Flip a coin and it is either Despers or All Stars first and second.

What is interesting is that in the FIRST THIRTEEN years of the PANORAMA the results were split between the NORTH and the REST OF TRINIDAD. But after that it is almost STRICLTY North. Including 2017. You have a few days to revise your picks!!!


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