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Pulling no Punches - Andy Narell, Arranger for birdsong Steel Orchestra, Speaks on the 2014 Panorama Season

An exclusive WST interview with Panorama arranger, recording and performing artist Andy Narell


Andy Narell“...You ask if I want to win Panorama.  In its present form, I would have to say it doesn’t interest me at all.  I would however like to be able to play my music at the finals, and have always considered that a privilege  worth striving for.  Every year I’ve participated I’ve tried my best to get my band there, and it’s very disappointing to not be invited to the party...”  Andy Narell

Global -  Panorama arranger for birdsong Steel Orchestra Andy Narell  shares his thoughts and speaks candidly about the recently-concluded 2014 Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama in an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks.  The annual Trinidad & Tobago Panorama is the world’s premiere tuned percussion competition.

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  Bob....I deleted my first reply and reposted this edited one.

Bucking you?.....Really?....you got jokes.....you really do!......reluctantly and studiously trying to be polite,I have continued this conversation with you,because at some point I thought we can discuss primarily how to improve/promote Pan the musical instrument,and secondarily the Panorama Competition for all bands,arrangers,players and the fans,but you are stuck on what serves "the Man who doesn't need the Pan." and with little consideration and NO RESPECT for the pioneers/inventors/competitors ( they need the Pan ) and other arranger- bands who have also spend hundred of thousands of dollars and many hours creating,practicing and rehearsing to WIN de Rama!     

Oh, and please save your "brilliant mind" accolades for yourself and your hero,whom you PROMOTE as the last and only word in Pan....your Pan Messiah......I am allergic to condescending words.

Last Words..... Our Heroes who devote/d their lives to the Pan,did/do so,not because they need/ed the Pan,but they did/do so because they recognize/d that the World needs Pan! Giving as against demanding!

Oswald my apologies,I should realise that anyone who cannot accept a compliment with grace will be shortsighted in many areas. I don't understand "the man who doesn't need the pan"thing,as a matter of fact anyone thinking I have no respect for the pioneers/inventors haven't been listening to me at all. I who talked about Mama Spree Simon unique recipe,I who talked about the lack of support and promotion of the pan industry by the Trinidad government,I Who show concern for the pan men after ash Wednesday mentioning that they have to live through out the year instead of a few weeks and finally I who propose a fund raiser encouraging an association for the whole pan community. Maybe I was wrong about you maybe you are one of the many who praise panorama and talk about best arrangements vs the worst but when it comes to doing something practical to support them you become silent. Is that you? I'd hate to classify you as the type who attend a 50$ a ticket trini concert where food and beverages are not served yet when your favorite performer appears on stage you see nothing wrong with standing up and wining blocking people behind you because music sweet and YOU want to enjoy yourself with "we thing"

I have followed this melee ...of pan panorama ...pan arranging and has made several contributions to the bacchanal ..Andy might not have done enough ..to get to t he big yard..but why treat him like a  Pariah ..why the cut throat attitude...I can remember when Boogsie received his share of drubbing for being...different/creative..accused being too jazzy and more.he continued and prevailed. Change will come one day, as Dr. Simon... intimated.....the Panorama arrangements today  offered  nothing new and as he said lots of gimmicks..and repetition ..just back track a bit and listen to some of the arrangements  of the 1900's and you will get the picture.


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