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Incredibly sad to learn of Ralph MacDonald’s passing in the early hours of this morning (December 18, 2011)!!  When Steel Talks extends our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ralph.  He was a true friend, fan and ardent supporter of When Steel Talks and Pan. Exclusive & extended WST interview with this legendary artist.

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So sad, real sad. I am having these Mixty Motions, It have me wondering if it is the rhythm of  the drum.

My condolences to the family, and all of us as friends and fans of Ralph. R.I.P.

I need more calypso in my life.

Condolences to the McDonald family on the passing of Ralph ,no words may able to comfort you at this time but know that the world all over feels you pain he will be missed .Thank God and your family for lending him to us for the time that you did

My condolences to Ralph's family and friends. A truly great musician - he will be missed. May he rest in peace.

We Love you and we will miss you Brother! Ralph could do things witha tamborine that I've not heard any else do...the man was a genius his record "Calypso breakdown" was the highest selling caiso record on the planet...I did a recording with him

one year in new york city and Ralph was just in a bad mood real sour nobody wanted to talk to him he was so mean untill I said to him."Ralph what are you doing here don't you know it's Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad," Boy that's when his mood just changed and he lit up and became his charming self again afterwards Eric Gale (guitarist) said to me "Jeff you sure said the right thing to Ralph his mood changed instantly....You see his heart was in Trinidad  but his body was in New York...The man truly loved every thing about T&T carnival.....As I said before "Praise our heroes while they are still here....don't wait for them to die and then everyone start talking about how great they are...tell then now when you see these people let them know how you feel you would be suprised how far a little complement can go." Jeff Medina

What a shock. I knew him well. We grew up together in the mid to late 40's on 117th street between Lenox and 7th avenue 

 His father MacBeth the great was also a great musician/singer when we were growing up. back then the T'dad population

was very small, mainly located between 145th street to 110th street and 5th avenue to 7th avenue. I was his half brother

Allwyn Fritz god brother. Ralph had two sisters Olive and Jerry if they are still around i would sure like to hear from them

I have not seen them in over 65 years. R.I.P.  Ralph.  Carlton (Tahzann) Munroe

My condolences to his family and the rest of the music world.

Rest in peace, brother Ralph Mac Donald. You have played your role here on earth. Now, the angels have invited you to make them dance to heaven's tune.

Gone, But never forgotten. RIP 

Our condolences goes out to the family of Ralph.We all will miss this musical master that god had given to us.From the members of NAS may he rest in peace

An  icon  would be sadly missed especially in the Jazz and R&B. My memories always reflect on him in Just the two of us with greats like GrooverWashington,Robert greenidge and the rest. He must be doing percussion in another place. God Bless and the good do not last forever


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