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Condolences to his family and friends.

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My most sincere condolences to Mr. Brown's family and numerous friends. First met him in 1982. He came to Belmont to blend the tenors he had made for Fretrin Pandemonium. What a talent? He will be surely missed. Rest in peace my brother. I will forever cherish the Low Tenor he made for me in 2007

My son has a Guppy tenor pan.
Guppy personally, by hand, engraved my son's name, pan # and his name.

When my son ( 15 yrs ) heard the news of his passing, his response was "Nooooooooo, not Guppy ?!"

He recently ( last week ) had his pan tuned by Guppy. Guppy would always want the pan the night before so that at 4 am the next morning, when the surroundings was quiet and his head is clear, he would sit and tune the pan.

Every single time Guppy tuned Nathaniel's (Natty) pan, Nathaniel will get home. Play his scales on the pan, smile and say "Sweeeeet, now dat is pan".

The man was a genuine genius.
I have not met a nicer more conscientious human. Any competition my son played in Guppy would insist he tune that Tenor.
Once he was not well so I mentioned another tuner to him.

"Nobody tuning DAT pan but me, is Natty and I playing. I will tune it."

And he did.

Great man, gone too soon.

My condolences to the  family of Mr Herman Guppy Brown R.I.P. 

Condolences to the family of a great man in the steelpan fraternity.

I am a bit disappointed with some of our pan leaders,namely pan tuners, pan arrangers etc. Please don't get me wrong I'll like to know how is it that when ever we lost a great icon in our musical pan culture we never see any posting form another living competitor in the same field saying any thing on this media?. I am not saying perhaps they have not called said deceased family and express their condolences. It was the same thing with Clive Bradley, Bertie Marshall Jitt and many others, is it because of jealously or envy ?, who is better than who? am' just wondering, what a shame. When Mr. Edwin Pouchet had left us please name me one pan arranger who made any comment? I may be wrong and stands to be corrected, but please tell me. We in this art fraternity needs to be more loving and compassionate towards each other so our youths would follow our examples. My Condolences goes out to Mr. Raf Robinson family and friends for their lost.

 RIP                 PS: Like Mr. Len Boogsie Sharpe said " Show more LOVE


It may be a case of inability to use the technology to post that might be impeding their comments. I know a lot of the pan people in this fraternity who are incapable of using the WST forum to get or give information. We should equip them on the journey of online usage. BTW.. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I could name some, which I won't.

Pan tuner Herman “Guppy” Brown, right, receives the Junior Sammy Group Skiffle award from former Culture minister Joan Yuille-Williams, left, and Junia Regrello, manager of Junior Sammy Skiffle.

- See more at: http://www.guardian.co.tt/gallery/photos-day-march-28th-2013/guppyj...

The Passing of Herman “Guppy” Brown RIP ~2nd December 2015

Herman “Guppy” Brown: Master Steelpan Maker / Tuner.

What a sad year for us all! We live hopefully today, to better understand what we must plan, for our tomorrow.


It is again my sad and humble duty, on behalf of the executive and playing members of Hatters Steel Orchestra, to pass on our condolences.

To Ms Brown, her close family and to all other friends and family of the late Herman “Guppy” Brown, Master Steelpan Maker / Tuner, please accept our sincere condolences for the passing of one of our exceptional brothers in Pan.


We need also to cast or arms around our other sorrowful sisters and brothers in pan, in respectful but strong support to them, for the gap they now feel, at the loss of the services of a great Master Maker / Tuner.


To Tropical Angel Harps, the steelband perhaps closest to the Master of all; the steelband that this year 2015, rendered at the National Panorama and at the ICP Panorama one of the most outstanding and memorable pieces of steelpan music, should anyone out there be properly listening and hearing, that has been produced in the last decade, from the steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago. And that music, of course, rendered beautifully from the pans of a Master.

The next closest, is perhaps, our wonderful Trinidad All Stars.


We now recall a number of steelbands, past and present, who have been touched by the special craft of our lost Master. This list is sadly incomplete and our apologies therewith extended for omissions.

With one short note in particular; we extend our hearts and strength to Madam Martin and her associated steelband in Dominica; and to the young Nathaniel Alexander, pan player, somewhere in the middle of Trinidad.


The Steelbands:


Arima All Stars


Dem Boys


Gonzales Sheikers

Laventille Serenaders

Pan Jammers

Pan Knights

San Juan East Side Symphony

Sangre Grande Cordettes

Shades In Steel

Silver Stars


Tamana Pioneers

Trinidad All Stars

Trinidad Nostalgic

Tropical Angel Harps

West Side Symphony

Woodbrook Playboyz

To the steelbands concerned and to the family of the late Herman “Guppy” Brown, Master Steelpan Maker / Tuner, our hearts are with you; may our past brother, Rest in Eternal Peace.

 tobagojo - PRO Hatters - 20151205

We will all miss Guppy.  I never had the opportunity to meet Guppy in person, but I was fortunate enough to re-tune many of his pans over the last sixteen years.  I was always a sweet experience working on Guppy pans, as they were always so easy to put back in tune, having been properly built and tuned from the start.  I wish I had had the opportunity to spend time with Guppy and many other panmen from our first generation of pan builders and tuners.  I hope that there are other builders and tuners who have spent time and learned from Guppy, so that all his talents and knowledge do not leave this earth with him.  His spirit lives on in his pans.  If you are fortunate enough to own one, please treasure and care for it, for it has spirit and soul that no other pans on earth have.  Guppy, may you eternally rest in peace.

Sincere condolences to Linda and their children on the passing of Herman from Joe, Lorna and the CAFE family in Maryland. He was a giant in our world; 20 years ago when CAFE started he provided a full set of Pans, sight unseen. He  had never met us, but stepped up to help us on faith. Without Herman Guppy Brown, there is no Cultural Academy For Excellence. We maintained a close, relationship over the years, and our hearts are breaking today as we hold our annual Holiday Concert. The performance is dedicated to his memory and his spirit will continue to live on whenever a young person picks up some mallets to touch one of his sweet inventions - RIP Herman, God Bless You!!


Very true, Joe ... he was an expert and a gentleman.  Thanks for dedicating CAFE's Xmas concert to him.  We are all pained by the loss to his family and his friends.



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