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Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

By Joan Rampersad

A hurt Philmore told Newsday, “Robbery! They (are) wicked to me after all these years. The problem is I never went to school with those judges. They learnt theory but I learnt it the practical way. None of them represents TT like me. My degree came from God. They could rob me in Panorama but I go places they have not.

“They want me to be like Boogsie (Len Sharpe) cussing people to bring fear but I am a humble man. And I listened to (Massy) All Stars. Same BS every year from All Stars. But when they go home after Panorama, I go first class flying the flag of TT. They are not flying the flag like me. I am fed up. This is pure robbery.”...

... There was a three-way tie for third place, with the judges giving bp Renegades, PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars and Republic Bank Exodus 279 points each. Exodus’ arranger Pellam Goddard told Newsday, he wanted to send Crime Stoppers to the Panorama judges.

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you are right Pro , the same old stuff changes need to be made ,just imagine   !! 3 bands tied for 3rd place with no points shown as I said change the old system it stinks !!!!

Words of wisdom from Grafton, Winston and Kwame. I love the Professor's energy and his music but am disappointed at his reaction.  Sour grapes are never attractive or progressive. Prof, move on and prepare for next year.

Bugs & Cecil. One things that I have Learn in this Life is, People will have Different Opinions about Different Things. Those All Stars Fans wont ever agree with Our Findings, because their Ego is Boosted By their Shallow Victories.

This Victory is Doing Nothing For Steel Bands. If 50 Bands Come out next Year as Large as All Stars Playing the Same Sailor, not one of them Would Win Band of the Year... This is all about All Stars. Most People Cant handle the Truth. They know in their Hearts that this is Wrong, Yet they Condone It.

 Do the Powers that Be feel that by Giving All Stars Band of the Year will Change the way the Large Mas Bands  Make their Mas. Carnival and Panorama is Fast Becoming a Big Joke. Life is about going Forward not Backward. They Killing Our Pan and Mas.

Val did you see any clips of the band on Monday ??????? From the time I was 3 years old I watching/ / playing mas TWO DAYS if that changed please please please educate me on it We had SAILORS AND COSTUMES Monday and the same for Tuesday !!!! stop spewing distorted setiments and support pan !!!!! 

Why don't we as interested pan people come together and look at the Judges and the criteria used for judging. We must stop attacking each other including the judges and arrive at a process which will tend to eliminate favoritism. The results will always be the same, when the same people judge the same bands with the same arrangers all the time. They will continue recycling old ideas. The entire panel of judges should be changed every two years. two years can be considered a term, and they should not be able to judge again for the next two terms.

Trevor Emanuel Cooper, you are so right, it's time to have a look at the judging criteria,

 From another discussion started by Bede on the judging criteria...

Credit Gerald Clarke...

   " Pan Trinbago has a pool of judges to choose from and some are recommended by the general body. There was a time when judges were hard to get as many refused, but now that it is "ah paid big wuk" people are making themselves available."

Brenda.....I asked for the same ting...!  no comments............like I said, it none of our business - (the pan world that is)...

A lot of people are knocking Pro.but let's be truthful, forgetting which band you are affiliated with. Question: What's the difference between this year's All Stars arrangement and the past 4 years?.Be absolutely truthful.I love All Stars but fair is fair and in my humble decision, they did not deserve the win.

Very well said I respect u alot

It is amazing how magnanimous some of us could be when things are going our way.  Does anyone really understand how Ken Professor Philmore, the artist and panman feels?  Is the Professor the first to cry "They cheat, they cheat, we want to see the score sheet" ? Everyone, including the winners of recent times, have complained about the judges at some point in the past.

It is okay to be disappointed and also express that feeling, but not by pulling down your competitors, unless you have evidence that they cheated to be successful. I am reminded of the situation when someone writes an exam and is asked how they did, the response goes like this. If it was an "A", the person would say, I got an "A" but if it was anything less than an "A", the response would be 'he/she gave me a "B" or "C". I take the credit for doing well, but somebody else must take it when I do badly. I hope that I have added some light to the discussion. In all competitions where someone has to judge the outcome, there would be displeasure with the results most instances, fairly or unfairly. As I write the Academy Awards is taking place and there would be those who think that the winners are not deserving of such, as has been the case every year. We are all humans and life goes on.


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