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Ajamu Nyomba , I've given more thought to your point about pan players being unionized , and you're right.

The way things are , they would be better served by being in a union.

However , forming a new union is complicated by the fact that they already had a union , which they voluntarily turned into a corporation.

These technicalities will have to be worked out , and I don't know if and how it can ; it would have to be left up to lawyers , I suppose.

I can see the perceived benefits of incorporation which may have appealed to those pan people who favored incorporation.
However, since most of the business Pan Trinbago does is management of the monies doled out to the steelband culture by government , would it not have a better solution to remain a union , and have that union hire, or even create a firm to manage their financial affairs ?

That would have kept the union viable in the struggle for the rights and betterment of pan players in general , which is the role of a union.

If and when a new executive is elected , strong consideration should be given to returning Pan Trinbago to it's former role as a union ,which would necessitate a constitutional convention , for starters , but that probably won't happen.
As a matter of fact , pan players have a limited role in the affairs of Pan Trinbago .

One should be aware that Pan Trinbago is an association of STEELBANDS , not of pan players. Pan players can only be associate members , and have no vote , which means they have no direct power in the association.
Have you all noticed that we haven't heard much from steelbands , who are the ones who can make changes?

With a few exceptions , steelband leaders seem quite content with the status quo , since only they and their representatives can elect or remove the executives.

Some of us do not wish to hear this , but having looked at the act of parliament , the mandate and the constitution , Pan Trinbago legally remains arbiters of all things related to the steelpan in T&T , and there isn't much that can be done collectively by steelbands without their involvement. They hold the purse strings to those government funds , after all.

Maybe a new pan players union isn't such a bad idea , after all.

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As I said. it may be expressly dishonest of those who may now appear to be marketing the idea of a panman's union, and deliberately disrespectful to the rastaman, Bevon (Bellies) from Phase II, who created the platform for its establishment, but was rejected by Arnold and all the nasty panmen now embracing the concept.

Please don't attempt to reinvent a wheel that may already be in existence, but unused. 

I would encourage my "immigrant" brethren to seek some clarity, and exercise caution when attempting to rebrand someone else's idea as theirs.

I hope you're not referring to me Russel Providence , because I definitely makes no claim tp proposing a pan players union.

I do not know who first proposed it , since I was pretty cool to the idea , and didn't give it much consideration.

I'm simply saying ( I hope pretty clearly ) that I'm rethinking my previous position, and having second thoughts on the issue of a players union..

I take no prisoners sir. My express objective, is to share with the international audience that this forum attracts, the indisputable fact that such an entity does in fact exist, but may be dormant (ask the incumbent jefe's predecessor), as it was rejected en masse by the fraternity. My intent may be to motivate the pioneer/s to capitalize on this opportunity, which may potentially breath new life into that movement. Was that not clear sir? 

Pan Trinbago is NOT a UNION

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago as

  1. 1. This Act may be cited as the Pan Trinbago (Incorporation) Act? 1986.
  2. Pan Trinbago is hereby created a body corporate and has a common seal
  3. The aims and objects of Pan Trinbago are as follows:

(a) to promote the development of the steel band movement;

(b) to promote the steel pan as an indigenous cultural art form;

(c) to purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire lands, buildings, easements or property real and personal which may be requisite for the purpose of or capable of being conveniently used in connection with any of the objects of Pan Trinbago;

(d) to present, manage, conduct, arrange and organize concerts, competitions, festivals of music and tours and to offer, grant or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions;

{e) to subscribe to, become a member of and to affiliate or co-operate with any other association, incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of Pan Trinbago;

(f) to advance and protect the welfare and interest of members of steelbands;

(g) to encourage and to conduct research programs on the steelpan;

(h) to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


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