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Silence of the pan peopleSilence of the pan people

Friday, November 2 2012

THE EDITOR: On Sunday October 28, 2012 should have been the election of officers of Pan Trinbago for the 2012-2015 term for the National Executive of Pan Trinbago. 

Instead, because of a high court order the elections had to be postponed, due to some issues revolving around the constitution of Pan Trinbago.

It seems to me, that the warriors/defenders of the movement have all gone silent since the days of the late George Goddard, Arnim Smith, Oscar Pile, to name a few, men who would stand up for what they believed in, and were not afraid to challenge Pan Trinbago’s leadership. 

In the 1980s and 1990s some new voices came on the scene, and attempted to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned “warriors” and made their voices heard whenever there were slip ups, from the National Executive. 

Men like, Darryl and George Duncan, Kendall Lewis, Michael “Scobie” Joseph, Milton “Wire” Austin, Marie “the blue Hair lady” Dupres, Godfrey Joseph, David Balbosa, Sam from (Tunapuna All Stars) Unfortunately, these new warriors too, have become silent.

One has to wonder, what is the reason for the silence, as there are many issues affecting the movement that needs to be addressed, hence our stagnation. It is time that somebody revives that old warrior spirit and stand up for truth, honesty, and justice for all the members of the organisation. Only then, will good governance return to Pan Trinbago.

Joseph John


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How insulting it is that the President of Pantrinbago Mr. Diaz could attack WST and he calls himself the president of Pantrinbago the world Governing Body of Pan. WST is  the only forum that have a wide membership of local and International people that loves the steel pan and appreciates all the updates and information about what goes on in our Steel Pan fraternity, Pantrinbago don’t even have a proper website where you can get information on daily basis, Mr. Diaz should make a public apology to the management and all the members on when steel talks.

We the members on WST are grateful for all the information and updates we receive on this forum,I say thank you for      When Steel Talks…………

Diaz is a very good politican who is fighting for PERSONAL FINANCIAL SURVIVAL. He has no rules. So Beverly better wake up and start fighting like a MAN.

Greetings to all of this WST forum

I am a new warrior/defender to this movement and I shall continue being one of the new voices who would stand up for what I believe in, to stand up for truth, honesty, and justice for all members of the organisation. I am not afraid to challenge Pan Trinbago's leadership and shall continuously hope that my efforts at an attempt to revive that old warrior spirit of the ancestors of this great instrument,  will continue to attempt to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned "warriors"and make my voice be heard whenever there are slip ups, from the National Executive.

I have to admit that though the venue was improved, the seating arrangement for the meeting convention seating which did take most delegates by surprise; as change was again attempted to be implemented through instruction, albeit again without tact and any sense of emotional intelligence, as proper dissemination channels of communication from the top down to the Regional Chairmen in advance was absent it seems as the trend goes.

The acrimonious nature of the banter of commentary which ensued didn't allow time for the questions on the President's Report to be adopted; though considered as read..The President's vicious and vitriolic attacks on this When Steel Talks forum and all of its detractors got plenty of air time at the meeting. Measure that if you will against Trinidad Express Editor-in Chief,  Omatie Lyder's Editorial on Bertie Marshall, that quoted the When Steel Talks forum is the most informed medium in the world of Pan.

Trevor Cooper's account of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday October 28, 2012 at the Capital Plaza summarizes the execution of the event, managed and chaired under the pretext of a circular from August 24, 2012 what The National Executive believed to be a Triennial Special Convention Meeting where Central Executive elections are held. The Secretary of the Association through the Chair, is seemingly having concussions from the High Court Order that all of the organization's electoral processes have been put on hold pending the judgment of the High Court on predetermined date of December 03, 2012. 

These elected Central Committee officers are operating in a manner hell bent on exercising, it seems their imperial right in circumstances which I must say at best, is to create a cacophony of convulsions to corrupt salient Pan Trinbago constitutional clauses regarding Elections, by posting  (within the 2012 Annual Reports booklet) an illegal notice of Triennial Regional Meetings of Pan Trinbago T.C. Inc.on November 28, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. at no locations identified.

This action I have been advised at best is ultra vires on Pan Trinbago's part and maybe construed by the Court in its current review on this matter; (1) at worst as an attempt to interfere with a judicial process governed by the supreme authority of the Constitution of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago;  and (2) at best allowing the plaintiffs in this litigation, to build a case of legal ammunition of illegal notices to mount upon, until the matter can be ventilated before the Court at which time the National Executive can account for their willful disregard of the Order.

To the leadership at Pan Trinbago reading this discussion, a word to the wise coming from the floor.....I implore you to proceed with caution and even the person who you think and believe is a fool has a message for you....is not what you do but how you do it. 

The deafening silence of the pan people.. is aptly put.............Let us all be guided accordingly.


Gregory Lindsay

Does anyone know if the "New Visionaries" put forward any manifesto or proposals, as to how they plan to take "pan forward"? You all know I have been critical of Pan Trinbago from the get go, but I would hope that we wouldn't assume that any change is good. Remember, the same thing happened in the late 70s, when Pan Trinbago came out of the (then) "new" T.O.P.S., and their efforts to "topple the old executive". I hope we don't make the same mistake again. Anyway, it's nice to see that those who were campaigning for WST members to join Pan Trinbago, and were in defense of the ATTSDC and its "partners", now expressing suspicion towards "PT". Truly amazing! lol. (As to the threats of legal action: I'm not the one in court, am I?)

NOTE: The name "George Goddard" keeps coming up lately; this is the second newspaper article in less than a month. Why?

GHOST - Who Does Not Need To Talk. Everything I "predicted", came to pass, and will continue to come to pass...

Honoring The Legacy Of George "Sonny" Goddard.

GHOST, I was one who encouraged WST members to also join Pan Trinbago, and will still do, only if it is to KICK OUT the present bunch of misfits who run the Pan body. Pan and Pan Trinbago belongs to every Trinbagonian, at home or abroad, young or old, black or white, who has the interest of our National Instrument at heart. It is not for the present leadership of Pan Trinbago only. Every Trinbagonian should be a member of Pan Trinbago because here is where the next economy is positioned, in the Arts & Culture. So dont think twice, come on board. 

Very Good Bertel!!! Very Good!!

Mr Cooper i remember you from the meeting and admired your fighting spirit. I also recognised that you are a member of the Visionaries and i want to commend you all for being fearless in a hostile environment. The tone of the meeting was to malign and annihilate the people who were challengers of Diaz and his slate. Look at the Reports and you will see what i mean, imagine in a report you are personally attacking your opponents in the election, that is MADNESS. Is that the example we are setting for our youths? 

I gathered from the meeting that of the four Regions, three Chairmen are not supportive of the the operations of Diaz and the executive. Tobago, North and East Chairmen are against poor governance and South Chairman is supporting Diaz, that was clear for all to see, so in his attempt to shower praise on the south region, Forteau the secretary in his Report singles out the South Region for special mention although the Financial Report proves they have performed the worst of the Regions. Is that right Mr Forteau? Instead you attack other regions in your report.

Then again, Mr Diaz seems bitter because two chairmen are running for positions on the central executive. How do i know he is bitter ? You could have felt the bitterness by his tone and also from the Reports. I was also present at the AGM when Diaz as chairman of the North Challenged Former President Patrick Arnold and he was joined by Forteau and rest and they launched a broadside attack on Arnold from the Head Table and Diaz as a chairman Attacked from the floor but on Sunday the rules changed. I told my friend i am not attending any more Pantrinbago Meetings with him because  i am a proffesional person and i cannot sit by and see adhocism take place. I would like to help but my friend who is the vice captain of his band tells me that i am too decent for pan because Diaz and Forteau and  Pablo and them not giving up they pay just so.  Well this is not about Good Governance it is about personal survival hence the reason the the meeting was a campaign rally and not a well conducted Agm in accordance with 21st centuary standards.

Chief Bowei you were not speared and you were not there to defend yourself but can you tell us why you refused to set up an online account and why you were trying to rob pantrinbago of their company. The impression given is that you are are con man and attempted to rob Lambert and Pantrinbago. The Nigeria fiasco gets deeper and deeper. When will the truth be told.

Lastly, i want to appeal to Mr Merancie  and the Visionaries to find common ground and get together to turn pantrinbago into a modern day corporate body with rules, policies and ethics of accountability and transparency. I was not interested in who won the election but from what i observed on Sunday there is need for sober leadership and not the  Bully, Self Preservation Leadership that presented itself by Diaz and his Team on Sunday.The Organization is bigger than the People and it should be Membership before Self.

Take a look at the financial statement and you will see the mismanagement. i will pause here for now.

Thank you Panella, presently the central Executive is working Feverishly to put in place the regional elections. The constitution is quite clear on the Timing of the Regional Elections The regional elections shall be held one month AFTER the holding of the elections for the Central Executive. once again trying to manipulate the system for thei own means.

Have you all realised that in any Pan Trinbago meeting when discussing the Shareholders of the company arrangement with Chief Bowie, mention is never made of the third shareholder, or the name of his company called, or his involvement in this entire fiasco? That is why, understanding the undermining characteristics of members in the Central Executive, i have no alternative but to believe that Chief Bowie is a Victim in this entire situation. Until the Facts present themselves on both sides and i can form an honest opinion, and on comparing thebasis on how this election is run, by unfair and unethical tactics, i can only say that is their modus operandi.  

Mr. Cooper how can Regional Elections take place when they were no elections held at the central executive level, this is madness, I understand that elections at the Regions can only take place after a Special Triennial Convention which is for the purpose of making amendments to the constitution or to hold elections  and to my understanding what happened on Sunday October 28th no elections were held or any amendments were made to the out-dated constitution so therefore that was not a special Triennial Convention, it was more of a AGM where reports were presented  and discuss , so how in good grace an  election at regional level could be held when the constitution states that an election in the regions  must be held after a special convention.  Correct me if am wrong.

Correct is right......

The episode of the new Pan Tribago executive would take place on WST forum, the election and boundries commission have to step in and referee the election.

The leadership of Pan Trinbago should recognize their organization remains a prime topic for discussion on this forum not because of any animosity to Pan Trinbago, but because of the disappointment that most pan lovers feel at the wasted potential of an organization that should be at the forefront of worldwide pan activities and growth.


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