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Congratulations to the members and management of Silver Stars.

When Steel Talks

1st Silver Stars - 469
2nd Phase II Pan Groove - 468
3rd Trinidad All Stars - 460
4th Desperadoes - 458
5th Renegades - 457
6th Exodus - 456
7th Siparia Deltones - 450.5
8th Redemption Sound Setters - 442

Click on link for full breakdown http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2009/results/2009summaryresults.htm

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Congratulations to Silver Stars, well done!!
congratulations to silver stars, but musicialy this was the worst panorama finals i have heard
i am sticking to my words this was by far the worst panorama ever even boogsie taught it will be the easiest panorama he ever won not taking anything away from silver stars great performance bye the players (band) they played well ,the only band i taught was rob was desperadoes i taught it could have gone either way despers phase ii sliver stars no way i had all stars there, but the music this year did not phase me some thing was missing from the bands
Please learn how to spell, its Thought not Taught, I is not i, 2 is written II not ii, its
Silver not sliver, and I believe you were trying to say please me but you typed phase
What is this and English lesson? We are here to debate and discuss pan, not everyone speaks or writes the kings English...please be more respectful man.

Peace and love.
Simsage what exactly is your point?

Thank you Gospel pan. Some people have absolutely no behavior.

Momo what's happening? Hope all is well.
Oh shat up, oops i(I) mean 'shut up'
I agree,...musically this panorama was VERY VERY Poor. Something was definitely missing, from all the bands. There was no excitement, nothing that gave me an adrenaline rush, in short none of the music was memorable!! However, Despers was the best arrangement-wise of a poor lot but the tonal quality of their pans is POOR and (to my mind) always lets them down!! No tone!! For me, the Medium band finals generated more excitement and appreciation panorama-wise, and the pity is that the powers that be have only released the finals of the large bands on DVD. The medium band finals far out classed the large bands finals this year both musically and tonally.
Would you care to cite 1, 2 or 3 medium bands whose tonal quality was superior to Despers. Perhaps I have the wrong understanding of what good tonal quality is.
Did you attend the Panorama or did you folow it online?
thank god your not a judge momo!
Allyuh, whoops, I mean All of you, ain't easy! ;)

Congratulations Silver Stars, Dont let the sour people bring you down!


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