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Sing Off's Afro Blue experience some Panorama Blues

On last night's episode of NBC's THE SING-OFF, Afro-Blue became the most recent group to be eliminated from the competition. On numerous occasions these judges essentially said that this group, Afro Blue, was operating above their heads [the judges’] musically. And last night the female judge addmitted they may have confused the group.


The groups are competing for the grand prize of a Sony recording contract and $200,000 in cash.


Let's be clear - Afro Blue is a major talent.  There are only a hand-full of people who can do what they can musically. So how are they not in the finals? It seems like Afro Blue got eliminated for following the judges’ directions - who openly admitted more than once they couldn't really judge them. Ah, meaning ‘your best is too good and progressive for the competition.’


In this regard there were many similarities to the Trinidad and Tobago panorama competition. If you've ever been eliminated from a panorama competition in the late rounds, you can relate to the pain and disappointment. Afro Blue must be a little confused as to did they ever really ever have a chance?


All the groups at this level are awesome, but it was Afro Blue more so than all the others that challenged the other groups, the audience and even the judges to grow musically.


There appear to be many things to be learned from this competition for future panorama competitions.

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I totally agree that Afro Blue was raising the musical "IQ" of America.


After listening to Afro-Blue,I am trully at a loss as to why they did not make it to the final They are awesome. I totally agree with the similarity to panorama as it relate to the judging..The judges remarks are not consistent with their decision.. 

I also feel Afro Blue deserved better, they were spectacular! I'm glad they made it that far!  Too bad they didn't win. But you gotta remember, it's all just show business! Plenty of talented people are being passed over by TV producers for  "American Idol" during their preliminaries. People you'll never hear of, who never get to the finals.They will pick someone else who is, lets say, more "interesting", but not necessarily more talented, they want the show to have controversy, to make it more entertaining. "Sign off" is just another network TV program. I do see it having many comparisons to Panorama. Every Carnival you hear the same thing "Oh god boy! me band get robbed!" Phase II get robbed!" "dey rob we yes". I say once your band finishes in the top six in Panorama finals be happy! You could come 6th in Panorama and your bands performance was just as good as the others, especially in your own mind, because you know how hard you worked! So what's the difference you ask? The judges decision! Panorama big bands in some ways are like professional sports teams, there sponsored, therefore there sponsors such as  WITCO, Petrotrin, Neal & Massey etc. want there bands to do well. Ha ha! you don't think there isn't some back room bartering's going on with the Panorama judges?! The judges, who many aren't qualified, and who are drinking rum and Scotch whisky and playing the "bigshot" while they judge the competition, are just people too, same as "Sign Off" judges, it's a human thing. "Panorama" may well be fixed, crooked and  just another "Big show"  that's part of T&T's Carnival, therefore it's entertainment! Panorama is hurting pan in many ways, it channels so much energy, money, resources and people to one "big show" with only one tune, to play in the  "big yard" for victory! Yeh!!!! like the NFL's Superbowl. Panorama only benefits some, and just disappoints a whole lot of other people! People who spent hours and weeks working hard for victory when little did they know they weren't going to win, because it was already decided at some point what the outcome was gonna be!


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