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So BEVERLEY call the VEE PEE into her office and tell him that she want him to resign -- and the VEE PEE tell she: Who yuh talking too, NOT ME!!!

Now, this is an UNOFFICIAL STORY with a few dregs of facts.

But two days ago, THE PRESIDENT set up her whole executive to go out and make phones calls to popular commentators in the PAN WORLD seeking their help to CONVINCE the VEE PEE that he should STEP DOWN. Well, ah lot ah men say: DEY EH IN THAT!!!

So now THE PRESIDENT decided to call the VEE PEE into her office and ask him to resign. Well, if allyuh grow up in Trinidad, allyuh understand the psychological and sociological issues at play in this exchange -- allyuh would be better informed to understand the dynamics. Anyway, to get to the MAIN POINT, the VEE PEE tell she plain: YOU CYAR MAKE ME RESIGN!!! It eh have NO CLAUSE in THAT CONSTITUTION that gives you THE POWER to demand my resignation.

Well, left with only THE RESHUFFLE OPTION -- THE PRESIDENT was forced to RESHUFFLE and put the VEE PEE under the HEAD MISTRESS ... which, if allyuh does follow the gossip and innuendo associated with THIS PAIR, turns out to be QUITE COMICAL.

Now it took them over a year to investigate the VEE PEE and find him GUILTY AS CHARGED -- but, this being PAN TRINBAGO, the man have PLENTY RIGHTS and he was duly elected.

But the real crime is that I had THE DOSSIER on this VEE PEE since SEPTEMBER of 2018 -- and I doh even live in TRINIDAD. So how could TEAM REBUILD not have known what was in that file.

I think that the PRESIDENT should have been BOLD and DECISIVE and FIRED THE VEE PEE (and shown CECIL HINKSON and EARL RICHARDS that WOMAN IS REALLY BOSS) -- after all her promises of TRANSPARENCY.

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Claude:  Transparency is surely lacking, as is Integrity!


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